I’m busy, busy, busy today.  We have a dinner at our church once a year called the ‘Tables of Love’.  Anyone who likes may decorate a table.  It can be any style you like.  I had it all planned out in my head what I was going to do.  So, Tuesday night I did what every smart, well-prepared lady would do.  I gathered together all my supplies.  I put it all in containers that I could manage.  And, I piled it by the back door.  Then I went to my closet and got out the clothes I was going to wear, making sure they were ironed and ready…even put out my shoes.

Now, some people are going to go all out on their table.  They are bringing their china, their glasses, even their silverware.  I think that’s wonderful!  But, we are not going to use those china, glasses and silverware.  We are going to use the churches china, glasses and silverware.  So, I decided that I would not cart all my china, glasses and silverware to the church…especially since we are not going to use them.  I talked to the lady who is in charge of this shin-dig…she said that was fine…not a problem.  THEN, Joy called me and asked me if I knew that we were supposed to take our china, glasses and silverware.  And, I told her that I knew, but was not going to, and I had talked to the lady in charge. and she said OK.  Joy then said “OK”.  But, I felt like she thought I should take china, glasses and silverware.  Then, my DH asked me that night if I knew that all the ladies were taking their china, glasses and silverware.  [how in the world does he know this little tid bit of info?  Who told him that?  Did they think he would care?  Did they think he would tell me?  Well…he did.]   So, I told him that I had talked to the lady in charge and she said it was OK.  Then DH looked at me like,”well, if you ask me, you should take some of the china, glasses and silverware around here and use it at the church.”   He didn’t SAY it…he just looked it.  By the way, the men are serving us tonight…so he will be there.  And, I will never hear the end of it if I am the only one there who does not have their china, glasses and silverware.  Now, that would not bother me…but it would bother him because it would mean that I was not ‘following the rules.”  Cause I “always try to go my own way, and do things differently, instead of following the plan and doing things the ‘right’ way.”  I” need to work on that “.   I must admit, there is the smallest grain of truth in that statement.   WELL….normally, I would go on and do what I had planned.  However since Joy and DH both mentioned it…maybe I need to reconsider.  But, I really do not have the china to go with the theme of my table decor.  That would mean I would have to go on a search for china, glasses and silverware.  I did buy new place mats…but that’s not the same as…well, you know.

So, here I am…getting dressed.  And, I will either go to the church and decorate as I planned, or I will go on a wild goose chase for appropriate china, glasses and silverware, then go to the church and decorate my table.

By the way………the decor was all packed and ready to go in plenty of time.  I did it on Tuesday night, thinking the dinner was on Wednesday…instead of Thursday.  At least it can not be said that I waited till the last minute to get things ready!  Unless you count the china, glasses, silverware…..

Watch for the follow-up report….