Oh what a blessed time we had this year !  Everyone wasn’t able to be present at our Big Family Gathering on Sunday.  But, fun was had by all and it is such a joy to be in the room with those you love most!  Then we had just our immediate family on Tuesday and you could hear the joy bouncing off the walls!

We enjoyed Baby Ella as she was in awe of the paper and ribbons.  And, such fun to see Hudson, John Thomas and Levi as they opened gifts that they were wishing for!  Our little boys are growing up too fast, but they bring us joy every day!

So, here are some glimpses into the festivities at the Creek House this Christmas …






And so end this holiday season.  What has 2023 holding in store for us?  God only knows!  But, we can be sure that He will see us safely through until the holidays roll around again!