In this blog I share some of the ‘gatherings’ of my life. Things I remember from when I was a child, lessons learned from raising my three sons, and fabulous people I’ve met and learned from along the way. Sometimes just hearing a word or two will trigger a memory. And the older I get, the quicker I need to write it down….or it’s gone again! I have stories that I wish for my children to remember and pass along, as well.

I also tend to get involved in many different activities. I love to try new things, and am always ready to experiment, and see if I can do something differently or better, even. My ADD keeps me moving from one thing to another. Not necessarily a bad thing…but it does leave lots of debris along the way!

What I hope to convey to you, most of all, is the fact that I am a Christian.
That does not mean that I am a good person. That does not mean that I try to
do good things so God will think favorably of me. It does mean that I am a sinner.
I do wrong every day. But, because I believe in Jesus Christ, and have asked Him to
live in my heart and save me, I will live with him throughout eternity. He forgives
me daily. He shows me grace and mercy that I do not deserve. And, He loves me, and
nothing can change that.

I believe that we are put on this earth for one reason and that is to serve God. He has a plan for us. There are things that only I can do…and He expects me to do them. He will lead me to these opportunities if I make myself available. And, my friends, there is nothing that feels as good as looking back and knowing that I did what He wanted.


My name is Tonja and I am 66 years old.I am married to Donald for 47 years, and together we own a Powersports Business (motorcycles,watercraft,4-wheelers). I taught private piano in my home for 20 years, and retired in 2009 from 20 years as a music teacher in a private school working with preschoolers. We are blessed to have been raised in Christian homes…3 of our parents live in Heaven now. God sent 3 boys to live with us and they have taught us much. Adam, Alex, and Ian have each suffered and suffer serious health conditions…please read their stories listed elsewhere on this blog. My oldest son, Adam, is married to Suzanne. It’s wonderful to finally have another female in the family! And, to our delight, Adam and Suzanne presented us with a beautiful grandson, Levi Hampton Owens in March of 2011.   It is such a pleasure to care for him 3 days a week!  Life is so good!