Whew!  I’m tired!  So, I may not get through this tonight. 

I compromised.  I did.  Never let it be said that I don’t try to keep the peace….  I decided that I would take some plates.  But, I didn’t have 6 of 1 style that would coordinate with the decor.   I was (as usual) the last one to decorate.  But, that’s OK, cause I had it done a good 3 hours ahead  of the time to start.  And, I work better at ‘the last minute’…that’s just the way I roll.  Table decorated…centerpiece…crows, pumpkins…place mats….and PLATES!  I had 4 of the bird plates, and 4 of the pine needle plates.  I was unable to get more of the bird plates, but I could have gone and gotten some more of the pine needle plates so I would have had 6 matching.  But, I didn’t.  Used what I had, alternated them on the table, and it looked just fine!  However, I did not think it necessary to haul glasses and silverware, too.  So, I didn’t.

 Good Morning!  Sorry, had to go to sleep last night!  So, as I was saying………

The dinner was lovely.  Some of the most beautiful tables.  Will show you some after I finish my story.  I worked on my centerpiece and got it to my liking.  Here is the way my table looked before the dinner started.

And, some close ups….

 The bags hold scented candles.  Each of the guests took one home.

 BTW…I punched out everyone of these little crows to make my own confetti…there were hundreds…..

Several of the men were there to be the ‘waiters’……..including DH….(far left)…

I ‘lifted’ this picture from a friend, who had  posted her pictures last night.  I haven’t asked her yet if I could use it…but, I’m pretty sure she would say ‘yes’…so…picture courtesy of April Cobb.


 DH came from work, so when he got there he looked over the tables.  He said, “Your table is the only one without glasses and silverware.”  Well, it was not the only one…but then a someone came by and told me that I needed to get some glasses for my table, or we wouldn’t have anything to drink out of.    I think I heard a “told you so” from a masculine voice.  So, thinking maybe I really had messed up, I went to the closet and hauled out 6 fancy nancy glasses.  Someone had already come by to put out the silverware.  OK…it’s all ready, have the blessing, and the waiters start serving.  First they bring us a salad, in a clear plastic plate which we set on my plates.  Then, they bring our drinks…IN PLASTIC CUPS !!!  So here I am with this stem ware on the table, and now the drinks are not even in them.  DH was assigned to 3 tables…one of which was mine.  So, after he brought our tea IN PLASTIC CUPS !!!!!, I had him remove the glasses from our table.  Because my table was very full and they were in our way.   Even those who had brought glasses did not use them…they used the plastic cups also.  Our main course and desert were also served in plastic plates.  The meal, prepared by Janice Kelley, was delicious!

So, to sum it up…I had a plan, and it was a good plan.  I should not have changed it.  I should only have listened to the lady in charge.  I compromised on the plates, and I should have left it at that.  I would have had much less stress that way.  Next time I decide to ‘go my own way’…..no one will talk me out of it!

My sweet friend, Pam, came last night.  She is so dear to Joy and I.  Pam is our former organist at church, and she is the one we chose to sing at Mom’s funeral.  So good to spend time with her.

Here, then, are some of the other tables that were fixed last night.  So sorry that I do not remember all the designers names.

Here, the campfire in center of table glowed, and the ones seated at this table wore the hats and kerchiefs…


LOVE these chargers…


 Great ‘coffee’ theme!

Note the scripture on the plates…beautiful ! 

This table was decorated by the incomparable Monty Clark.  Love the silver and lime color scheme.  Sadly, Monty did not get to speak last night.  She had a lovely talk all prepared, but, alas, someone else was on the program…so we’ll have to hear from her later.  (If you hear of my demise…it was Monty who did it!)

This is the table done by April Cobb.  She so graciously lent me her photo.  She is also the ultrasound technician that is keeping track of my grandchild while he/she is still in the womb.    I just know she loves looking at that beautiful child!!! 🙂  Her table was full of fun!

Using the child’s game Candy Land as inspiration.  Very clever.  Done by one of the youth in our church.

A dear lady, Dot Arnold, had a birthday yesterday.  So someone did a table in her honor.  Her daughter was our speaker last night.  She did an excellent job.

There were 23 tables all together.  Wish I could show you all of them.  The lady in charge (Linda Mills) had secured some great door prizes…which is always fun…especially when you win one of them…and I did.  I figure it was a reward for putting myself in a ‘compromising’ state of mind.

It was a wonderful night.  Several of our friends who had moved to other churches were there and it was wonderful to see them.  Wonderful speaker, as well.

It is now 3:04 pm. and it’s looking kinda doubtful if the things in my trunk will make it in today.  There’s always tomorrow…they’ll wait!

Psalm 34:8       Amen.