On Wednesday, Joy and I took Pop back to Birmingham to see two more doctors about his eyes.  We have been in the process of going from one doctor to another trying to find the answer to his particular situation.  If you remember, these same group of doctors took care of all 3 of my boys…giving Alex and Adam miracles with their vision.  Alex’s surgery was quite straight forward and he didn’t have any trouble.  Adam, on the other hand, had several emergency situations, and had several operations to get his eyes  better.  He still needs 1 more procedure.

So, we knew we were going to the best…it is just a matter of getting the right doctor to diagnose and send you to another doctor and another to finally reach the one who can get the job done.  And, finally, we have done that.  Pop will be having surgery in early November and we have great hopes that he will be able to regain a portion of his vision.

I will not speak of specific doctors in this post.  But some…not all…of the doctors here have failed in several ways.  First in diagnosis, then it treatment, and in prescribing items to assist him.  Friends…ALWAYS get a second opinion!!!

We found through the efforts of Joy’s husband Tommy, that there are quite a number of aids available to help those with poor vision.  Pop was unable to read a newspaper or a book…unable to program his TV or even read a medicine bottle.  In the grocery store, items not directly in front of him could not be seen.  Can you imagine the frustration?  But, with the aids that are available, he is now able to see his medicine bottles to be sure he is correct in dosage, he can read a newspaper even if it is just a column at a time, he can see the pages of a book, and now with his ipad, he can browse the web,,se pictures of his grandchildren and greats, and he can have the Bible read to him, chapter by chapter as he chooses.  All this just with external aids that are available to everyone!

It disturbs me greatly that other people who have low vision are not informed of these aids to keep them involved with the written word.  At The Callahan Eye Foundation, (affiliated with UAB) there is a department called  UAB CENTER FOR LOW VISION EVALUATION.   Here a doctor will evaluate you and show you a room full of aids to help you maintain the life you want to live.  And, if, per chance, you happen to be a veteran, anything you need is provided free of charge!

These are things we never knew.  Even when Alex was struggling so, trying to complete his education, some of these aids would have been such a tremendous help.  But, we didn’t know.  And, no one we saw told us.

If you know anyone in need of vision help…feel free to contact me via email and I can send you phone numbers and other info.  It is so worth checking into.

We had such a lovely time while we were there.  The weather was just beautiful!  It could not have been any prettier.  We were able to have dinner with Ian while we were there…at PFChang…YUMMY!

After dinner, Pop and Ian headed to the Apple store and Joy and I to a dress shop.  Only time for one stop, and home and to bed.  But Joy and I talked till way after midnight.  Catching up and solving problems !

Coming out of the restaurant, there was a tree in front of our car.  The leaves on it seemed to be shimmering in the lights from the parking lot.  I had to take a picture of them.  the other 3 called me ‘crazy’.  But, I like it!

We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast the next morning.  Again, such good food!  Then Joy and I attempted to squeeze every bit of shopping we could in the 2 hours alloted.  We managed to do a little damage and make a dent in our Christmas list before our 2:00 appointment.

Lovely trees next to drive.  They were so bright against a blue sky.  They were glowing!

Then we headed to the doctor’s center and were there till about 5:00.  So, we got caught in that awful snail’s pace traffic trying to make it out of town…that took another hour or more.  But, we made it home and we all collapsed into sleep.  And, I have rested most of the day!

We love spending time with our Pop…even when it isn’t the most pleasant of circumstances.  We have learned to take advantage of every opportunity to have fun and laugh.  This time…we even got a lesson in antique household equipment.  Out in front of the store was this old-timey washing machine.  (Why this pic is sideways…I have no idea.  I tried to fix it…but, alas…no luck)  When he was a little boy, they had a washing machine like this and he was told to stay away from it.  He didn’t.  Instead, he managed to get his hand caught in the rollers, and did quite a bit of damage to his hand.

And, still today, he wears the scars on top of his hand.  He says he did not play with the washing machine again.  Oh, the hard lessons we learn in childhood.

So, now we will keep Pop healthy for a few weeks and  get him started on his eye drops before surgery.  And, plan a celebration when he is able to see better.

“I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:13-14

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Fall Festival at our church.  You are very welcome to attend. starting at 3:00.  Come see me in the face painting area.  Stay for the ‘Trunk or Treat’ and Supper. A concert will follow. I heard that the cutest little monkey around is coming to visit.  I’ll show you a pic if I see him!