STOP !!!!!

Before you read any further in this post, go and get your lipstick. Get the one you use the most.

I’ll wait !!! Really, I don’t mind…….GO!!!

OK….here’s mine. The one on the Left is a Cl*n*q*e lip gloss that I use occasionally. The other tube, on the Right, is my favorite. It is by M*C…the color is ‘O’.

But, we are here to look at the shape your lipstick is in…and what that means to you. If your lipstick has:

A SHARPLY ANGLED CURVE…You’re an upbeat, creative talker who loves to be the center of attention.

SLANTED TIP THAT CLOSELY RESEMBLES THE TUBE’S ORIGINAL SHAPE…You’re thoughtful, conscientious and love to follow the rules.

SHARPLY ANGLED POINT…You’re opinionated, full of energy, and a natural born leader.

ROUNDED, SMOOTH TIP…You’re calm, easygoing, and a good listener.


This info is from the book 101 Makeover Minutes by Bennett. I have no idea if it is true or not. How could this be scientifically proved anyway? I mean, I am just not the same person everyday…are you? See, look at the two different tips. I am #1 and #2 ! So, this is shared with you only as a means of amusement.

Here’s a tip…experts say to try a new shade on your fingertips instead of the back of your hand or inside wrist. This is closer to your lips texture and color.




  1. Love Being a Nonny |

    I have a rounded smooth lipstick and I am NOT calm, easygoing or a good listener. Oh well. It's funny though. Have you ever tried using someone's lipstick that is not like yours? I CANNOT use my mom's lipstick. Hers is pointed and feels WEIRD on my lips!! Cute post!

  2. Love Being a Nonny |


    Thanks for the advice, but I have given up artificial sweetener too…SEE, I don't have a vice. UGH!

  3. Mine are almost flattened off / slightly humped. Hmmmmmm…..

  4. Loved getting to see you at school!!!! Hope you are having a great week! Let me know how things are going. I, too, have a variety of shapes…I'm just saying!! LOL! 😉

  5. Just Breathe |

    Mine looks like yours. I make a mess out of them. I think I just bought that gloss!

  6. Mine is very pointy! Does that mean I'm crazy? Because I am!

  7. My favorite one is very low, and I need to get a new one to replace it.

    That picture is too funny!!!!

  8. Mine is rounded and smooth. Hmmmm….


  9. Mine closely follows the original shape and I do follow the rules. You always find such fun things.

  10. Oh, Tonja!! You just won't DO!!

    I've never seen such dedication to a cause in my life, and the way you put it together—just genius.

    That little guy is a lucky little fella.

    I also have the vision of a mid-air table made entirely of string, just dangling overhead with perhaps a knitted vase and a crocheted doily with big yellow stand-up jonquils starched in sugar-water. I can't get my mind around that, and hope you have a picture somewhere. Do show!

    My favorite part though, was when the mythical someone stomped the Tupperware flat. I think that vision is the funniest I've had in a while, and I'm smiling at the thought.

    I'm gonna go get an old Glad-box out of the drawer and give it a try while no one's at home but me.

  11. Just Breathe |

    I never doubted that he would be left alone, with age comes wisdom.
    You are so creative, I love what you made for him. He is a doll by the way 🙂

    I hear you on the strength it takes to put that smile on when it comes to the man we love!

  12. Musicaljean |

    I was smiling the whole way through this post. You're the best, Tonja!

  13. I LOVE it! The whole post! Goodness, I remember those macrame purses…my mama made them too! What ingenuity in creating a toy bar for that sweet boy! He's going to love staying with Aunt Tonja!

  14. I laughed and laughed, boy have I been having days like that recently. Someone I love dearly is not feeling well and lets just say all is not well with the world when that happens. My tongue hurts from biting it. I was just talking to someone about the macrame years when everyone on my Christmas list received a lovely owl wall hanging!

    You are a great Aunt (no pun intended)!

  15. Love Being a Nonny |

    You are TOO funny. Great post!!!!

    It's amazing what we can come up with for the little ones….no need to spend a lot of money. I do think this might get recalled though!!:) He is precious!

  16. Thanks for a BIG belly laugh! Love this post!

    So glad you're getting to spend time with that cutie pie! He is adorable.


  17. Ang baylis |

    Dear Macrame Tying Artist,
    I hate to break it to you, but I would almost bet that macrame cord is more like 30-35 years old. I haven't seen them in years! You just brought to mind my sister who got grounded for about a month when my dad spotted her at the beach in a macrame bikini she had made. She was a real hippie! Now you made me lose my train of thought. It must be in the air! Um… I'm totally impressed! Where might a friend find one of your purses? You make me laugh!
    Love you!
    Angie xoxo

  18. so funny! precious little boy!

  19. nancygrayce |

    What a creation! Looked to me like he loved what Aunt Tonja made!

    My dh does exactly the same thing about anything left in the sink….well since we returned from our trip there are mountains of clothes in front of the laundry room door patiently awaiting their turn in the wash! I sweetly told him I was a little on edge so to beware. He aint no fool! He bewared! 🙂

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