On Saturday, our church hosted a Fall Festival for the community.  There was nice weather…a little cool, a little windy…but no complaints from the kids who were playing games, getting faces painted, munching on pop corn, winning prizes, and jumping around in a huge inflatable!  Then there were hot dogs for everyone…as well as a fleet of cars, full of candy, waiting for ‘Trunk or Treat’!  I didn’t really get to observe the other areas, because my friend, Monty, and I painted without stopping for the whole time!  Such fun!  Too bad several of the festival go-ers wanted much more elaborate art work than we were qualified to perform.

We were distracted at one point by the cutest little monkey!  He didn’t have any interest in having his face painted…but was happy to steal a hug and a kiss from us!

They then went to Abbeville to see John Thomas and the Fall Festival at Will and Tara’s church.

Hooking up with John Thomas, they stopped long enough to pose for a picture together…

Hold up for just a minute, John Thomas…we want to see your turtle costume…

Since Saturday, Levi has developed a cold.  Teething and runny noses…they all go together.  But, he put on his best face and made it through Trick or Treating (his version).  First stop…Levi and Grandaddy…

And, one more…smile for the camera…


Isn’t that sweet face just the picture of happiness ?  OK  here’s a couple of cartoons…



Why, you use a PUMPKIN PATCH, of course!


Forgive me…only 1 joke.  I’m  about to fall asleep…






  1. oh those firsts! Levi has your daddy's smile.

  2. What a sweet little monkey! I think our youngest grandson was going to be a monkey but he refused to wear his costume…..refusing at 16 months??? Oh, dear!

    A Halloween to remember!!

  3. Levi is precious. He looks adorable in his costume and a sweet picture of him with John Thomas. What a fun blessing. Also you dad looks great!

  4. What a precious little monkey, and a beautiful (and happy) little boy! Hope he feels better soon …

  5. Oh those sweet boys!!!! I just love how they seem to belong to everyone in your family!

    We had a “Light the Night” event Monday evening which many kids in our community participated in. I got to tell the story of Lazurus coming out of the grave about 25 times! I loved when a boy about age 10 exclaimed, “Is that a true story?? That is cool!”

  6. Love the picture with the rosy chubby cheeks. Kaiden was a monkey his first Halloween also. Holidays are so much fun with little ones around.

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