I am a stickler for good spelling.  I know I slip up at times, but I try to always use spellcheck on everything.   It bothers me no end that well educated folks do not know the difference between   ‘there, their, and they’re.’  Nor do they know that ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ are not the same word!  I think most times when I get to feeling like I know so much, the good Lord will bring me down a peg or two.  Which is exactly what He did when I read this information the other day: 
Mantle– (n.)a layer, a veil. A responsibility, veneer, or façade.
Mantel – (n.)a chimney piece or decorative fireplace screen.
I had no idea.  Really.  How have I lived all these years and not known this.  I knew there were two definitions, but I thought they were spelled the same…m.a.n.t.l.e.  I just never even thought about it being 2 different spellings!  So, there you go!  I’m not nearly as smart as I thought I was.  And, for those of you who use ‘your’ in the place of ‘you’re’…I’m sorry for thinking bad of you.  But, really, you should know that…it’s used all the time!
A few pictures of the Fall Festival at our church this week.
Here’s my friend, Tyler, with Candy Corn on his face.  He had a cross on the other side.
 Do you recognize this little ‘bumbly bee’ ?  That’s right…it’s Lucy Jane!
And, now a few facts you may enjoy knowing about Halloween candy.
Average spent in each household on candy for trick or treating……$40.00
Amount spent nationwide on Halloween candy……………..$2.5 billion
Candy most given out…..Mini Snickers.
Candy trick or treaters most wish to receive……Mini Snickers, Single Reeses cup, Mini M&M’s;
Each year, 20 million pounds of candy corn are produced.
In the business of candy sales, Christmas sales are #1, Halloween sales are #2.
The healthiest candies (just in case some of the candy happens to fall out of their bag and they won’t eat it and you don’t like to let perfectly good candy go to waste) are:
1.  P-Nut M&M’s……………2.  3 Musketeers Bar………………3.  Junior Mints or Peppermint Patty
 So, in case you care…this little chart will show you just how much damage you are doing…
• Serving: Fun-size bar
• Calories: 80
• Fat: 4 gramsHershey’s Milk Chocolate snack-size bar
• Serving: 1 .49-ounce bar
• Calories: 67
• Fat: 4 gramsTootsie Rolls
• Serving: 6 midgee pieces
• Calories: 140
• Fat: 3 gramsSkittles Original Bite Size Candies
• Serving: Fun-size bag
• Calories: 60
• Fat: 0.7 grams

• Serving: Fun-size bag
• Calories: 73
• Fat: 3 grams

• Serving: Fun-size bar
• Calories: 85
• Fat: 3.5 grams

Tootsie Roll Pop
• Calories: 60
• Fat: 0 grams

Starburst Original Fruit Chews
• Serving: 2 pieces
• Calories: 40
• Fat: 0.8 grams

Brach’s Candy Corn
• Serving: 20 pieces
• Calories: 150
• Fat: 0 grams

 …even at Halloween !



  1. Tonja, when you don your mantle of largesse, stand beside your beautifully-decorated mantel and hand out all those Halloween treats, you'll know exactly what you're doing.

    I, on the other hand, set out tables on the lawn, strew stuff about, and say, "Don't YOU look cute!!! Have some candy" with not a clue to my name. Maybe I should print this out.

    Your just too kind to share you're knowledge. (wanna see an old lady run off giggling?)

  2. I don't think I ever noticed the two different spellings for mantle/mantel either!! What is up with that? But apparently the PR people from the Heat Surge company in Ohio never noticed either. I was reading their website yesterday, and when I went back to check their spelling of that word this morning, they spelled it m.a.n.t.l.e. every time, hahahahaha!!

  3. I'm the same way about the spelling. Drives me nuts! Glad to know that one of my favorite treats is on the healthiest list! Isn't that an oxymoron–healthiest candy? 🙂

  4. Haha I had never seen that last comic before!! I like it. Their, there, and they're are the worst! However, sometimes I wonder if "you're" has completely dropped off the planet. Then of course there's its and it's. You might be interested in seeing this:….

  5. I, too, cringe when it comes to misspelled words, and, just for the record, I have always spelled mantel correctly … just check out my posts about decorating mantels … lol

    I never read anything without proofreading it … and many years ago, I even sent the editor of the newspaper of the little town we lived in a copy of one of his papers with all the errors circled. It just drove me to distraction trying to ignore all the typos and errors and, finally, I had had enough. The editor didn't see fit to favor me with a reply and continued to happily publish his typo-ridden newspapers … lol

    I love the pictures from your Fall Festival, especially Lucy Jane, the little "bumbling bee." I wish every community would have Fall Festivals instead of trick or treating.

  6. Looks like a fun festival!

    Thanks for the calorie/fat information. I feel much better now…..I mean fatter!

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