I enjoy watching Dancing with the Stars.  It is fun to see the contestants with no dance training progress each week.  They have a lot of nerve to even get up there and try.
However, it sort of rubs me the wrong way how much sexual innuendo there is on DWTS.   At times it is carried to the extreme.  And, also, all the ‘buzz’ after the shows is who got voted off and what they did wrong and who should have gone.   And, not just on DWTS, but they talk about it on lots of other shows as well.    It’s all just a part of the game, but you would think it was news that the world was dying to hear!    Like it really matters in the grand scheme of things…it’s a game, people!
In each episode there is footage of the couples as they are learning the dances and how they relate to one another.  Very fun to watch.  And, during this ‘learning session’ is where I heard the most profound thing I have ever heard on this program. [ Not that this is the kind of show you would expect to hear anything profound. ]  It was sort of glossed over, so you may have missed it.

Kurt Warner and his partner  were learning their dance.  She was guiding him where to put his hands on her, and  trying to get him to hold her closer and be more intimate with her.  This was part of the way the dance is designed, but Kurt was very uncomfortable.  She finally stopped and asked him why he was not doing as she was instructing and he said, “I am a Christian.  I don’t want to do anything that would offend my wife. I don’t feel comfortable with this.   I need to get her in here to see this and get her approval.”  Can you imagine?  In front of all the millions of people who are watching this show…his thoughts are what is pleasing to God and acceptable to his wife. It’s not about being macho and sexy and some really suave dancer.  He was a big deal football player…retired now.  And, is the father of 7.  He and his wife formed an organization called First Things First…that is “Dedicated to impacting lives by promoting Christian values, sharing experiences and providing opportunities to encourage everyone that all things are possible when people seek to put ‘first things first”.
So, his wife and his partner’s husband, came to the rehearsal to watch them practice.  They both gave their approval…and the teaching and learning continued.  No more mention was made of this…it wasn’t talked about at all.  But, everyone was talking about how risque Florence Henderson’s dance was.  One judge even called it raunchy…to the delight of the audience.  The one judge, Bruno Potty-Mouth, has something ’off-color’ to say about almost every performance.  And, on top of that…he is just downright mean, at times.
I love to watch good dancing.  The human body can move and glide and spin and cavort in such amazing ways.  It is a testament to the Master Designer who put us together.  And, I realize that some of the Latin dances are correctly done with a certain amount of sexual tension.  But, I think we’ve got it all wrong as an audience when we glorify a grandmother whose dancing is declared ‘raunchy’ instead of a business man who seeks to honor his wife in all he does.
Thank-you, I feel better since I’ve said my piece.