Today has been a good day.  And, a reflective day, too, I think.  We went to Pop’s for lunch.  We had the big stuff catered, Joy made several dishes, and I made 1.  It was all delicious!  We talked of all the blessings we had.  Adding sweet JT to the family, and waiting for little Levi (that’s what Adam and Suze have chosen for a name.)  As Joy was hgetting everything heated, Adam, Suzanne, Ian and I got the tree and the rest of the decor out of the attic.  We almost got finished with everything, but still have a little bit to do.  Pop was so appreciative.

Do you eat turkey at other times of the year?  It’s really delicious.  We have one at Thanksgiving and one at Christmas…and that’s it until another year brings us back to Thanksgiving.  Perhaps, it’s because it is usually so big.  Even if you get a small one…it’s still too much unless you have a big crowd.  Anyway…

I had to beg and plead to get pictures made today.  So, I’m just showing you one …just us girls.

We were missing 3 of our group today, and that just leaves a gap in our family circle.  Alex was not able to go.  Today was not a good day for him.  Will is a Master hunter, and his group had made their plans for today quite a while ago.  Actually, they do this every year.  Ben was out of town visiting his sister.  Adam and Suze had to leave soon after lunch to be with her family.

We got the kitchen cleaned up, and divided up the food that was left.  Then we all went our separate ways.  Joy has broken her foot…AGAIN!  So, she is hobbling around. 

Ian went back over to Pop’s to help him with some computer stuff.  And, he said he was heading back to B’ham tonight.  And, he might.  But, I have made my thoughts on the subject loud and clear!  Tomorrow is soon enough…there is no reason why he has to drive 200 miles tonight!  Kids!!!!

So, another Thanksgiving has come and almost gone.  I am so blessed.  Our whole family is blessed.  God has shown such mercy and grace to us and to Him all the glory goes!  We have nice places to live, we have plenty to eat, we have jobs, we have cars, we have family…close by, we have friends, we have a sweet church family, and we have started another generation in our little family.  We have all this because God has blessed us.  We have all been through hard, hard times…but we have not been defeated.  He has seen us through.  Just like He says He will.  When I stop to think about all we, as Americans, have…and how little those in other lands don’t have….I am humbled.  God is good to us.

My friend Shirl has 2 daughters, Jolie and Jayna.  These are the children of Jayna (she and Tara are dear friends).  You can read their names on their shirts…John Davis and Blair.  Jayna did their shirts…aren’t they great?  She has started a business selling shirts and outfits…all appliqued…on top of teaching school every day.  I do not have pictures of Jolie’s two…she may never send me a pic now that I almost gave her a DOG TOWEL!!!!!  But, if she does…I’ll post it.

It’s bedtime for me…10ish.  Tomorrow, I must get my house decorated…well, started.  I have a big party here next Friday. 

Hope you made sweet memories today.  Your friendship is such a blessing to me.  I learn from you all.  Nite-Nite!

I just re-read this post before I hit publish.  Man!  It’s all over the place.  The brain…she is scattering further and further!  Takes all I can do to gather it back together when I really need it.  Obviously, I didn’t try to ‘get it together’ tonight.