THANKSGIVING DAY……2011


Looks like they’re ready…..let’s give this a try!



Good first try…now, how about looking at the camera….



Levi, no tickling…SMILE!



NOW…that’s better…



Hey, boy’s would it be asking too much for you to focus on me…and SMILE!



Uh, Oh!  This doesn’t seem to be going well….



AAAAAAAAnd…they’re off!



“I don’t want to smile any more!”



“No.  I’m NOT coming back out!”


And…such ends our attempts at a cute Thanksgiving photo….Maybe they’ll be more cooperative at Christmas…

Yeah, right!

Hope your day was full of hugs and laughs and memories…both remembered and newly made!





  1. Those are so cute, thanks for sharing them. We had a lovely day.

  2. Don't count on it, Hon—DS#2 was three when he ran from the Santa photo and took refuge INSIDE the cheese case at the grocery store.

    And I've ducked and run and shied away from cameras ALL my life, ever since the time I myself was three and the photographer made my Mother take off my SHIRT, right there in Penney, because she wanted a "cameo" picture. I still have it, and I'm pretty cute with those bobby-pin curls, but you can sorta tell I've been crying.

    Your boys are absolutely PRECIOUS, and they're gonna think they're TWINS when Levi's a little older.

    Hope your holiday was Wonderful—I know it was BRIGHT.


  3. I know what you mean…trying to get photos of one child is HARD, but two together – almost impossible! But we keep dreaming……

    Hugs sweet friend,

  4. Their shirts are so cute!!!!! So are the little darlings in them……It is very hard to get the picture we have stuck in our minds. The one we MUST get! Kids just don't seem to get that!

  5. Those pictures are priceless, Tonja … and Levi and John Thomas are adorable, whatever they are doing! I'll be trying my hand soon at capturing Avery Grace and Maddox together for a Christmas card picture — should be interesting, to say the least.

  6. So funny and so cute!!! I'm so glad your dad is living to get to know this next generation of your family.

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