It is 8:58…Tuesday morning.I am sitting on my bed with the laptop in my lap.  Right beside me are 2 phones…my home phone and my cell phone.  Suzanne and Adam are at the doctor RIGHT NOW to find out the sex of their sweet bundle of joy.

My  TV is on The Today Show.  Prince William is getting married on April 29, 2011.  Our sweet baby is due on……….April 29, 2011.  Wasn’t it sweet of them to set their date in honor of our BOY or GIRL ?

The news commentator is saying that England has declared the wedding a national holiday.  I feel confident the US will follow suit, as soon as they get word of our due date.  Wouldn’t you think…?

It is 9:15.  Her appointment was at 8:00.  Come on…let’s hear something.  Over 1 BILLION people are expected to watch the wedding.  If our wee one stays on schedule…I know about 12 folks who won’t be tuned in.  Do you remember when Princess Diana and ‘ole what’s-his-name got married?  I watched it from start to finish.  What a display!  I think it was every little girl and teen girl and young woman and older woman’s proof that things we only read about in books, and dreamed of, can come true.   A girl can grow up, marry a Prince and become a Princess.   I loved watching it.  And, I’m sure I will this one, as well…on the DVR, a day later.

We’re all waiting to know.   Not that it will matter.  Boy or Girl…makes no difference.  I learned long ago that God, in His great wisdom, is the one who decides when life takes place.  He sees the future…He knows where this family will be in 5 or 10 or 20 years.  He knows who needs to be a part of this family…and that is who will come to live with Suzanne and Adam.  We think we know best so many times, but we don’t have a clue.  It is usually only in hindsight that we can see how the situations that we had no choice in, and maybe didn’t even like, were the right ones.  The older you get the more you learn to trust His ways.  We have all confidence that His choice will be the right one.

Oh! my!  I knew it…I went to the bathroom, and she called!   I know she has a lot of calls to make…I’ll wait a few minutes.  She knows.  Adam knows.  I want to know!