25 days…….4 hours…….46 minutes !

 The countdown to Christmas has begun.  And, if you are ‘smarter than the average bear’ you have already started your preparations!  I have begun, but am nowhere near finished.  I have a big party here on Friday night, so I’m going to be working fast and furious till then.  Don and I have been working on the tree today, and I will have it finished before I go to bed.  But, there’s the mantel….and the kitchen cupboard…and the front door….and the studio…and Alex’s room!  No, it probably will NOT all be finished by Friday.  But, that’s OK, not to worry.

OH! MY!  I just saw a woman on TV who says she decorates her cat’s littler box to look like a giant present!  Obviously, she needs something to keep her busy!

Anyway….Gather your thoughts…….

Make your list…..

Eat a good breakfast…..

And…get going!

You’ll find some way to get it all home!  Be creative!

25 days…..4 hours…..29 minutes !   Enjoy!!