There are 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays in October.

This happens only once every 823 years !

Who figures out these things ?

Useless trivia, for sure !

But, I bet you go and check your own calendar !

And, here is Sweet Finn. Only…he’s not always sweet!!! His teeth are sharp, and I think he’s hyperactive! Maybe, it’s just been too long since I had a puppy around. He is already so protective of Alex…..he’d better see who it is if someone goes into his boy’s room!

Eve says to Adam…….

Now this is amazing to me…Someone has taken a fallen leaf and has scraped out this image into it. It has not been glued or taped. Pretty neat, huh? My hands would never cut something this precise!

This is one of my favorite fall images. It’s on an enclosed porch. I love the grouping of items and the colors. The leaves set the tone for the whole picture. Love it! (From Better Homes and Gardens 2008) I, however, would not put the spooky white pumpkin. But, maybe a decorated one .

Here is another favorite. I just love how the pumpkins are the exact shade of the old yelloware pottery. Isn’t it pretty? (BHG)

Have a beautiful, fall weekend ! God made it for us all to enjoy!




  1. And to you, too, Sweetpea!!! Bright and beautiful days, rustling leaves and the shine of the Autumn sunset on all these five weekends and all in between.

  2. The leaf etching is amazing and I love that front porch. I think I felt the same way with Skye, it had been 14 years since we had a new puppy. The teeth are super sharp and they are very busy. I love seeing his face when you post about him, he will calm down soon.

  3. Those sharp baby teeth will fall out! Lucky for the dogs or I would have extracted my babies out myself. Ouch! Whoever etched the leaf is not only super dooper talented, but very patient. That looks to be tedious stuff!

  4. Every 823 years? That is amazing! And here's another bit of trivia: tomorrow is 10/10/10. That only happens once every hundred years, hahahahah!

  5. I enjoyed the trivia and neat pictures, Tonja. It seems that this glorious October is filled with all kinds of lagniappe!

  6. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. I love Fall!! I'm hosting a Fall Fiesta for my freshmen on Friday. I worked my tail off over the weekend so I could dedicate large amounts of time to preparing this week.. hoping it's a fun, relaxing, and memorable event for them!!

  7. AWWW!!! Fun! Finn is just a natural part of your family now!

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