I have just spent 2 hours of my precious time watching “The Cake Boss”. There is not much good on at 4 AM. This certainly does not qualify either. A big family, working together, making cakes and selling them. But, the ‘thrill’..and I use that term facetiously…is the delivery. There is a small , narrow stairway…several flights…that they have to navigate to get the huge cakes into the car or van. And, THEN, they send a teenage d boy to deliver them! I don’t get it. And he doesn’t either…cause he delivers the wrong cake to the right people.

Obviously, they are doing very well in this business. 45 wedding cakes in 1 day?!! And, a TV show for people like me to ‘marvel over’ in the wee hours. So why don’t they have an elevator, and a big, wide door, and a responsible driver? I suppose they think it makes ‘better television’. Of course, I could be wrong about the whole thing and you may think this is a wonderful show. But, I don’t think I’ll be wasting my time there again. [BTW…I would not have sat and watched 2 hours of it except that I was trying to be quiet and not wake up the household.]

Now. Let’s talk about another show. On HGTV…House Hunters. I don’t know about you, but the dialogue is so unimaginative, that I can speak it right along with them…even if I have never seen it before! But I have because they show mostly reruns…maybe 3 new episodes a year. The shows go back to 2005, for heaven’s sake!!! Every show they say…over and over…….

“I like the openness.” ‘Is this granite?” “We’ll have to gut this kitchen.” “Oh, stainless steel. That’s what I wanted.” “This is a little small.” “I like it” “This is good for entertaining.” OR “There’s not enough room for entertaining.” “I need room for an office.” “Hardwood floors!” “I like this.’ ‘The kitchen is so outdated.” “Look, stainless steel!” “OOOOO, I LOVE the granite!” “Ah, I will have to finish putting up a fence.” “I like it!” “We want the kitchen and family room to be open.” ” That color just POPS!” “We would have to change the appliances to stainless steel.” “Closets?” “I like it.” “This is little small.” “Love the stainless steel appliances!” “We need room for entertaining.” “I like it”. “Love the hardwoods!” You watch it and see. Not very creative folks running this show.

It’s Columbus Day. Yea! I’m so happy he discovered us. Otherwise, we would all be living here without knowing where we were. Columbus sailed the ocean blue……. In Fourteen Hundred Ninety two!

Funny story. This is not one of my crazy lady stories. I know this lady, and she is a hoot and a half! She is an older than me friend who attends church with us. I do not think I have ever known a lady who loves to laugh as much as she does. And, if you are around her when she starts talking…you will be laughing, too! As we were leaving church after the service, she called out to me, “Tonja, come here, let me tell you what I did.” She was already cackling! She lives in an assisted living facility. In her words…

“When I woke up this morning and looked at the clock…I was running late. It was already after 10:00! I even slept through breakfast! So, I got up and started getting ready. I took my bath and got all my clothes on…even these old pantyhose…and got my Bible and purse. I didn’t hear any body else moving around and I thought that was unusual. I waited for them to come and get me. And then it started getting late and I went down the hall to see if they forgot me. I told that girl, that I thought they forgot me ’cause I was usually picked up by 10:45. I asked her what was going on. She looked at me and then she just laughed and laughed…and said, ‘Mrs.T….,It IS 10:45….at NIGHT!!!!! ‘ [Well, those of you who know whom I am speaking of can hear her…..she just got so tickled at herself! ] I can’t believe I did something so dumb. I went back to my room, but, I wasn’t about to take off all this garb…and these pantyhose…it was hard enough to get them on the first time! Can’t do it 2 times in one day! So, I smoothed everything out and sat down real easy in my recliner, and just slept there till I came to church!” We all laughed…and she the hardest! As I left, she was telling it again to someone else! She is a precious saint.

Here I sit now, watching the Today show. Have you ever noticed how absolutely ridiculous some people act when they see themselves on a monitor? I’m talking about those who are standing outside…behind the person being interviewed. When they realize they are showing up on TV…they lose their minds. They jump and grin and wave and tell everyone around them…and then those people try to edge them out, so they can get in front of the camera! And they are all pushing and shoving and waving. It’s like they have never seen themselves before. I can only imagine how they act in front of a mirror!!! There was one young girl who finally found herself. She waved a while, and then she pulled out her cell phone and called someone in The American Heartland. It rang and rang and rang. Finally someone answered. She told them she was on the Today Show. Then she waited till they turned their TV on and got the right channel……….and then…they saw her! And, she was transported to the Realm of Wonderful! She jumped and danced and swayed and talked…all the while keeping that wave going. Life was just too good for her this morning. Then obviously, the person on the other end of the line, had to go back to work, because she hung up. Girl on TV put up her phone. She looked up one more time and gave a big sigh and moved on so someone else could have the chance at stardom…if only on a monitor, outside, behind Hilary Duff and Ann Curry discussing Hilary’s new book, and marriage, and TV show and album. Busy girl…I’m just saying……..

I think that commercial of the girl sucking all the yogurt out of the container is disgusting!

And, I think the commercial that has the mop despondent over not being used is ridiculous!

But, the commercial that has the animals that are natural enemies frolicking together at the waterhole, is very clever!

However, the one that has the biggest bug in the world going up to the door and asking to come in…creeps me out!

I have typed this post off and on all day. My DH is off on Mondays, so it is always a lazy day for us. But, I did get a dresser cleaned out and ready for Christmas wrapping supplies. And, I went out and cut back all my beautiful coleus. Is there a plural for coleus? Or is it still just coleus? Well I had 2 huge pots of coleus…but, alas, they had gotten so leggy, they had to be cut back. I fully expect them to come back, though. We’ve got lots of warm weather left. Sweet Finn went out with me while I worked on my plants. He’s not quite brave enough to venture too far away from me when we are outside. It’s such a big yard and such a little puppy.

IN OTHER NEWS: 12 weeks, and all is well! Thank-You, God!