I know who I am and I know I’m a lost cause.  I know I have ADD and when I start doing a massive project like decorating the whole house for Christmas, it shows up…BIG TIME. 

My plans are big tree in den, decor over TV cabinet, small table in den, buffet in DR, table in DR, cupboard in kitchen, back foyer round table, front foyer.And, that’s what I am sticking with.  But, here’s the problem…I have a little bit done in every space and NOTHING completed!  I know that’s not the most efficient way to work, and I don’t mean to do it that way…it just happens.  And, all of a sudden, I look up and am so strung out that I don’t know what to do next!

So, working away as hard as I can, and here comes Alex.  I have to take him all the way across town because his nurses at his visit with his Dr. yesterday wrote his prescription wrong…AGAIN!  This infuriates me because if Alex wasn’t aware, and checked it, he could get in big time trouble taking too much of this med.   And this is not the first time, either.   So, off we went.  It’s just not good for me to go away from a project once I start.  Then I get even more off task. 

I went to my closet to get a sweatshirt….it’s cold here today.  As I walked back through the den, I glanced into the library as I passed by.  When what to my wondering eye should appear?     A certain little dog had left a puddle….ON  MY  ZEBRA SKIN!!!!!    He’s not allowed to come into the main house, but sometimes he will sneak out when Alex does.  I think he had it planned and was just waiting for a chance to do it.  So, I had to stop and clean a zebra!  Clean a zebra!  Have you ever had the chance to say that?  Here’s the culprit!

Coming back home, I need to get some of my things in the storage room.  But to do so requires a t-a-l-l ladder.  Taller than the one I fell off the other day.  So I cautiously lean the ladder against the shelves, and begin climbing.  Uh! Oh!  Here comes Alex!  He starts fussing at me and telling me to get down.  “You’re old and fragile now, Mother”, he says. “Well empty out that box of ornaments and shove this old body in it there and be done with me!”  🙂  I do love that young man!  He is always looking after me!

So, why am I writing this post when there are boxes from the den to the studio to the kitchen to the storage room?  Don’t know.  Just saw the computer and picked it up.  Now, I’m not going to hold you responsible for slowing me down and taking my mind off decorating.  Why!  You didn’t even know when you started reading this that I should not be writing…I should be about my day’s work.  I know if you had known, you would have told me to sign off and get back to work.  You would have said for me to keep my mind focused on what I was doing because I have a BIG party here in 3 days!  I can just hear you now.  Ok, I’m going, I’m going!  BYE!

PS…I don’t even know what a ‘plum pudding’ is!  But, the meltdown, I’m familiar with……