Does this picture make your mouth water? I’m a candy corn lover. When I buy a bag, I open it and pour it into a big zip-lock. Then, I pour in a big handful or two or three of peanuts. I shake it up well, and then, dig in! Yummy!

However, there are some other ways to use this confection. From Women’s Day magazine, check out these fun crafts.

Simply find a branch from the backyard and secure it into pot. Then just hot glue candy corn in groups of two or three. Simple. Cute.

This one takes a little more time. Purchase Styrofoam balls in your desired size. Spray paint with orange spray paint. (DUH…what else would you spray paint orange with?) Then hot glue the candy tightly in rows with the largest end next to the ball. Then pop into a flower pot or urn filled with more candy.

I’m quite sure I do not need to give any instructions with this one!

Now this one is just a little more difficult. Purchase a Styrofoam wreath and cover with wide black ribbon. Then begin hot gluing the candy on in circular patterns, alternating the direction of the candy. Finish off with another strip of the black ribbon to hang.

If you wish to save these to use another year…spray them with a clear acrylic sealer.