Evidently my blog needed an update, or a change over or a something.  I didn’t know it…how would I?  There is no little light that comes on that says “YOUR BLOG NEEDS ATTENTION”…..see authorized dealer.  Kind of like the light on my car that tells me to have the car serviced or to check my oil or something else that I don’t understand.

 Anyway…Ian, my computer whiz kid said I did.  And, so he did something or other…and I did not even know it!!!

This doesn’t look like him, really……he doesn’t wear glasses.  🙂

So, he changed it to something.  And, it made it faster.  And, took out the bad things.  In fact, he did a great job on everything, except one.  The post that was up when he worked his magic was gone.  “Sure”, he said, “I can find it but it will take me hours and days because it is all crushed up with all kinds of stuff on top of it now.”  Now what would you have said?  I said, “Not to worry, it’s not that important.  I’ll either rewrite it or just let it go.”  And, I tried to rewrite it, but couldn’t remember all the details.  Because, if I don’t write the details down, I totally lose them in this brain of mine.  And, all the details I had written down were now all crunched up, with stuff and stuff on top.  So, I was gonna just forget it.  I mean really, now.  In the grand scheme of things, how much is it going to matter to world peace if I lose a post?

Well, that sweet boy…whom is so very like me, may I add…sent me an e-mail yesterday with the whole original post.  I was so excited…but, I surely didn’t expect him to go looking for it.   The only thing is that while it was up some friends had commented on it, and I thought to myself…”This is going to make them wonder what happened.  They will think they dreamed that post.  Then they will be all stressed out and in a bad mood.”  And, I would never do such to you, my bloggy friends!  So for those of you who didn’t read it the first time…here it is again…your second chance.  And, if you were one of the ones in a bad mood because it was gone…I hope I have (or Ian has) set things right again.

The original DWTS post follows………

This doesn’t look exactly like me either…….I DO wear glasses.