I do not know why this person decided it was a good idea to jump off this cliff. But, jump, she did! What would have made her jump? As high is it is…it would have to be a good reason.

Maybe if I was being chased by a bear or a lion…

What about you? What would it take for you to jump off the cliff?




  1. If someone I love had fallen or jumped into the water below, I'd be over the side like a bullet.

    A stranger—I think my wimpitude would make me wait to see if a head bobbed up; THEN I could probably jump.

    Just for sheer, exuberant joy—I think that time has passed me by. But I WOULD jump out of an airplane and I hope to, someday.

  2. Someone dragging me to the edge and pushing me! I'm terrified of heights!

  3. There are days…. just kidding!

    Life has been busy busy for me…and will be until after the wedding…so my computer time has been limited, but I think of you often.

    Are you still coming to Destin? If so, let me know when because I'd love to have lunch…or breakfast…or coffee.

    Miss you.


  4. Love Being a Nonny |

    My grandchildren or children needing me on the other side……….

  5. Well being chased by an animal would be a good reason. Maybe jumping after someone to save them would be an excellent reason.

  6. Boy, I don't know. I'm terribly afraid of heights and I can't swim. But if a snake wanted to cozy up to me up there on that cliff, I would probably rather jump and go to heaven!

  7. Gracious. Only the hand of God.. or tripping on a stone!

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