I can remember a time when doing something really embarrassing would have just made me want to crawl under a table and wait until everyone went home and then come out. I haven’t been that person in quite a while…and today, I got a chance to prove it again.

I went to the PS to offer a little help with end of year things. I spoke with several people, and then went into Bonnie’s office and sat down. She was on the phone, so I talked with my friend Allison. Then I crossed my legs… and LOOK!!!

I just laughed and laughed! You would be surprised how many of those girls asked me if I did that on purpose! Would I do something like that on purpose???? Well, yes, I probably would…but I didn’t today!

{MEMO TO MY YOUNGER READERS: The day that you find you can laugh at yourself…is the day you are on the road to maturity.}

Oh, it was so good to see my friends there! I miss them so much!

Well, I left there and went to Ross to look for something specific…didn’t find it, but did find something else. I have a whole group of decorations in the beachy theme to use throughout the summer. And I found this little figurine…

Here’s a better look at their sweet faces…

$4.99…Ross…great deal!

I then moved on to Kohl’s, then to Michael’s, and finally to Lowe’s. That was all my feet would agree to carry me today…so home I went. Had a nice, long conversation with my Pop, too.

Oh, and I did go home and change shoes before I walked all over town…well, actually I just had to change one shoe!!! 🙂




  1. You know you were just showing off how many shoes you have!!!

    O.K. love the figurine!! I haven't been to Ross in a long time!

  2. I have no problem laughing at myself, and there always seems to be an abundance of reasons to do so, so I must be very mature!!

    I just found Ross since I moved her to State College. I love it.

  3. The Brezina's |

    No worries Mrs. T. I've done the same thing before. Same pair of shoes in black and in brown; decided it was ok to wear one of each…Oh Well!

    I've got pregnant brain…what's your excuse. Being old WILL NOT work :-)!!!!

  4. Awwww, Sweetpea!!

    We're all given the grace of a Betsy-Bug moment every now and then. And that WE can laugh at them is a special dispensation, mostly given to Mamas and Grandmas.

    I drove the nine miles to work in my bedroom shoes more than several times, and the time that it was raining, I wore a scarf out to the car from home, then flipped it off to drive, not noticing I'd tossed my WIG off into the back seat, and walked into work with my hair all scruncy-up and full of bobby pins, like some sci-fi creation—WELL, THAT one lives in the laugh-annals of my small town.

    I'm giggling just tellin' it.

    I just LOVE the things you do!

  5. ha! Love that! And love the sailor girl/boy…so fun! I have a Ross literally 2 min. from my office (and a HomeGoods and a Marshalls) but never have time to take a lunch break and go shopping. Sad…. very sad….

  6. Just Breathe |

    Cute little couple you found. I couldn't stop laughing about the shoes. I can say that I haven't done that yet!

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