I can remember a time when doing something really embarrassing would have just made me want to crawl under a table and wait until everyone went home and then come out. I haven’t been that person in quite a while…and today, I got a chance to prove it again.

I went to the PS to offer a little help with end of year things. I spoke with several people, and then went into Bonnie’s office and sat down. She was on the phone, so I talked with my friend Allison. Then I crossed my legs… and LOOK!!!

I just laughed and laughed! You would be surprised how many of those girls asked me if I did that on purpose! Would I do something like that on purpose???? Well, yes, I probably would…but I didn’t today!

{MEMO TO MY YOUNGER READERS: The day that you find you can laugh at yourself…is the day you are on the road to maturity.}

Oh, it was so good to see my friends there! I miss them so much!

Well, I left there and went to Ross to look for something specific…didn’t find it, but did find something else. I have a whole group of decorations in the beachy theme to use throughout the summer. And I found this little figurine…

Here’s a better look at their sweet faces…

$4.99…Ross…great deal!

I then moved on to Kohl’s, then to Michael’s, and finally to Lowe’s. That was all my feet would agree to carry me today…so home I went. Had a nice, long conversation with my Pop, too.

Oh, and I did go home and change shoes before I walked all over town…well, actually I just had to change one shoe!!! 🙂