Today is March 29,2011….it is a cool, sort of cloudy day.  As I left my house this morning, I saw people all around me going about their daily routines.  McD’s drive thru was backed up.  The parking lot at the doctor’s center was already full.  The radio dj announced songs, and told the weather, and the news on the hour and half hour.  Children went to school, and the little ones to preschool.  Businessmen opened their offices, teachers began their classes, and Alex let Finn out to visit the backyard once again.  And, I left home with a very special mission in mind.

I was going to meet my new grandson…Levi.  Didn’t know the time,yet, or didn’t know know any of the ‘specifics’…but what I DID know was that I was not coming home till he and I met face to face!

Adam called us this morning about 4:30 to tell us that things were starting to happen and they were headed to the hospital.   This was a little surprising, because today is exactly 1 month BEFORE the due date.  They called a little later, and told us it was going to be a while.  So, I took care of a few chores and then headed to the hospital.  I was ready to see this little guy!

Unforeseen by us….this little fellow was not doing his part to enter our world.  So, the docs tried this, and then that, and then the other…nope…that boy was in a happy place and saw no good reason to leave.  Finally the doc gave the little guy an ultimatum.  “Show us you mean business by 5…or we’re coming in to get ‘ya!”  When the time came and passed with no sign of cooperation…doc said, “Come on, we’re moving this party on down the hall.”  They took Sweet Suzanne and got her all ready…with a party hat and all…and then gave Adam his party clothes.  The fun began right away.  I wasn’t there for the games, but they must have been really fun…’cause Adam and Suzanne won the GRAND PRIZE !  Suzanne worked so hard for their team, that she had to lay down right there in that very room and take a nap!   Adam decided to let her rest.  But he quietly slipped out and came to show us what they won!  He said it was the BEST PRIZE EVER!!!

Well, were we ever pleased!  What a prize!  Adam didn’t even wait to take off his party hat and mask!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile that big!

There was lots of family waiting on this sweet boy.  First, John Thomas.  He has been learning to say,”LEVI”, but I’m sure he has wondered “WHAT EXACTLY IS A LEVI?”  Now he knows.  And, after all that work to learn his name, what did he call him?  BABY!  Here he his with his ‘GiGi’, Joy.

Tara and John Thomas, Lori, Joy, Pop, Mary and Terry.  And, me, of course!  Now, Pop had been waiting with us for over an hour…after working all day.  He was quite tired.  But, that all faded away when he saw his new GREAT GRANDSON!  Oh, how excited he was.  Excited and Proud.  Pop’s first grandchild, now with a child of his own.  How blessed!

Since Mary, Suzanne’s mom, and I missed all the party games…we decided to have our own.  WHICH ONE IS THE HAPPIEST?  What do you think?  We never could pick a winner!

Of course, they had all the clean up work and weighting and measuring before they could hand him off to his parents.  So, we waited again.   We were thankful to find out that the nurse caring for him was a long time friend at church, Beverly.  She had such caring hands as she did all the necessary checks and tests.  The others had to leave…just Mary and Terry and I were left.  But, we were gonna see that sweet thing one more time!  And, after they got Suzanne and Levi settled and comfortable, they let us into the room.  Oh, to see that teeny miracle!  Thank-you,  Lord!  Mary held him first and then Terry (grandfather).  And then it was my turn.  Oh.My.Goodness! ” Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!”  He looked perfect…just perfect!

And, then, FINALLY, Don came in.  He was in a very impo business meeting, and came as soon as he could.  Adam had been so worried that he wouldn’t get there.  But, he made it, and they shared a special moment together.

One more picture, of the new grandparents…well one set.  I made pics of Mary and Terry, but I made them with HER camera.

It was a magical day…even if it was a long one.  What fun it is to sit and wait in anticipation of a GRANDSON!  Just knowing that this new life was on the way was the best feeling ever.  So many of you were waiting with us in spirit.  I had 53 notes on FB!  And texts and e-mails, as well!  Thank you, dear friends for following us on this journey.  Your prayers have made such a difference.   Your kind and supporting words have lifted our spirits.  And, knowing you  were sharing in our happiness last night made it even more special.

There was only one sadness, and that was the fact that my Mom wasn’t there.  She will never know Levi until we are all in Heaven.  But the Lord gave me such a sweet gift.  As I closed my eyes, I was thinking how I wished she could see him and just KNOW he was in our lives.   As I was waiting for the sleep to take over…I saw  the most beautiful image of Mom in my mind.  She was standing behind me looking over my shoulder as I held Levi.  I could see her face so clearly, it was glowing.  I only saw it for the moment, and that was enough.  I do not think she ‘visited’ me…the Bible tells us that will not happen.  But, I think it is a reminder that love doesn’t die when the person you love dies.  The love you felt will be with you always.  And, at special times or hard times or uncertain times , it will envelope you once again.    No, it wasn’t a dream…and it wasn’t a ‘visit’… was a memory.  A memory filled with love.  Thanks, Mom, for giving me beautiful memories to keep with me always.

Happy Birthday, Levi!    6 pounds 13 ounces…..19 1/2 inches long…..lots of black hair!