If you missed it, you can read Part 1 of this riveting saga here.  That was in the early 60’s.

Now here I am in 2013, and I am knee deep in swim lessons again!  But, not for me…for Levi.  And, not just any swim lessons.  These are the ISR lessons, which teach kids from 6 months to 6 years to self rescue if they happen to end up in a body of water.  The Center for Disease Control states that the leading cause of death for children ages 1-4 is drowning.  But, students who complete the ISR program have a big advantage.  Over 40 years of reasearch has gone into perfecting these teaching methods.  The children are taught to float…swim…float till they can get to a place of safety.  To learn more about the ISR program and what all it teaches, you can find information here.  The lessons in Dothan are given by Holli Closson.

Levi had not been in the pool since last summer, and he didn’t know Holli, so it took a day or two before he was comfortable enough to turn her loose!.  But soon, he began to understand just what it was that she wanted him to do.  She uses a touch method that the children soon learn means to float or turn over and swim or go back to float.  He had it down in just 9 days!




He got it!  And after only 9 days!

And, here he is in the middle of clapping for himmself!  He was so proud that he had done it!

Then came the day, he had to practice in summer clothes, including shoes.  This is to see if they can still float and swim with the added weight of clothes.

He did it just fine…

And, he was not happy when that lesson was over and he had to get out of the pool!

He practiced every M-F for 6 weeks!  And, by the end, he was doing very, very well!  Ms. Holli was pleased, too.  Then came the final test.   He had to go in the water with winter clothes.  He had blue jeans, sox and tennis shoes, a long sleeved knit top.  He passed this one with flying colors as well.  But, sorry, no pics.

Levi soon got to the place where he was so comfortable in the water.  He would get in at the side and push off and just float so peacefully.

So, the course was completed and our daily swimming was over.  It was amazing for this grandmother to see all the children in this class doing so well.  The youngest was 8 months!  Can you imagine?  But, she did it!  Don and I  feel so much better living around a pool, knowing Levi has this knowledge!  I try to keep him within my sight when he is with me, but now I have an extra bit of protection in case he were to get to the pool without me.   And, I have no doubt that if he could get out of the house, that is exactly where he would go!  He loves it so!  His other grandparents have a pool, as well.  They are as thankful for the lessons as we are.

I encourage you to look into classes for your little ones up to 6 years old.  This is a nationwide program and you should be able to find a qualified teacher in your area of the country.  Remember it is ISR…Infant Swimming Resource.  The lessons are for 6 weeks, M-F, 10 minutes a lesson and one on one instruction.  She works with only one child at a time, so she and they will be the only ones in the pool.  It could be the best gift you could ever give your child or grandchild.