“Yes! the Lord has done amazing things for us!  What joy!”   Psalm 126:3  NLT

It’s wonderful…this being a new Grandmother!  Especially when the baby is as sweet as Levi!  And the mother and father are as great as Adam and Suze!  The doctor told her he would still be a little sleepy for a week or so, since he was a month early.  But, sleepy or not…he’s the best!   Just look at this little smile!

I went to the hospital and stayed for a little while yesterday.  Of course, he was so happy to see me!  Can’t you tell? 🙂  I stayed for a while and enjoyed her visitors, Tara, John Thomas, Pop, Joy, and the rest of the 3rd grade teachers at her school.   Adam was off getting the car seat squared away, and I went to find some other necessities that Suze needed for Levi.  I dropped my purchases back by the hospital.  Tina was there visiting and enjoying holding that sweet boy.  Then Mary and Terry came.  I headed home to put my feet up ! 

He went to his Mommy’s arms for a while, and just snuggled in so happily.  He was home!

After all their visitors left, and they had more than I listed, Adam finally had his Sweet wife and New Son all to himself.  Out came the camera, and when I looked at FB first thing this morning, this is what I saw.  I couldn’t help but post it here as well.