Today starts the wedding weekend for the daughter of my dear friend, Patty.  Danielle and Zach will be married tomorrow afternoon.  Excitement levels are through the roof.

I have been designated the wedding planner and as such, there is much to do.  Many things have been decided already…but, as you well know, much must be done the day before and the day of.  This is to be an outdoor wedding and the weatherman has followed my instructions to the letter.  Warm, a little breeze, no rain, blue sky with fluffy white clouds…a perfect 2 days!  I have been in the garage painting signs this morning and then gathering the last minute things into my tool box.  I want to have everything I could possibly need with me!  I sent all my decor items yesterday…so that will be waiting on me when I arrive.  Tina and I will start the decorating this afternoon, and finish up in the morning.  (I could never get it all done if Tina was not helping me…a ‘friend in deed’ for sure).  The rehearsal will begin at 5:00, and then the dinner…a traditional Southern Bar-b-que meal!

So, if you think of it…I could use a little prayer support, as well.  I especially need for my back to hold up.  There’s much to do and I am honored to be a part of this sweet occasion.

I’ll bring you some pictures of the decor and the venue and the bride, of course!  Adam is doing her pictures starting at 9:00 in the morning!

Hope your weekend will be as full of fun and happiness as ours will be!  Blessings!