THIS #1…      Suzanne was at the mall shopping last week and she heard a lady say, “There’s Levi’s mother.”  Turns out she recognized her from my blog.  She is Kathy, sister-in-law to my dear friend, Bonnie.  Her mother-in-law was here, too.  They were all doing some shopping for Easter.  I joined Suzanne and got to see them all.  And, the nicest surprise they came over to to see the Creekhouse the next day.  It was so nice to spend some time with them.  Even though Kathy and I had not met, we coresponded with each other through the blog and Facebook.

I love it when I get to meet someone that I’ve become friends with on the internet.  It really is a small world…and people are alike wherever you live.  Well, except some of you say ‘you guys’ and ‘soda’ or ‘pop’ and I say ‘y’all’ and ‘coke’.  But, otherwise…:=)


THAT #1…



Isn’t this a beautiful amyrillis?  I recieved it as a gift many years ago.  It has recieved no special care from me…at all.  When it quit blooming at first, I stuck it in a pot full of other plants and forgot about it.  Then it bloomed again the next year, so I left it alone.  That was maybe 15 years ago…and it still blooms every year.  I put it in an old pot and brought it with me when we moved to the Creekhouse…set it in the yard…and forgot about it.  And, it still bloomed every year.  But this year, it has 5 huge flowers on the stalk and buds for 3 more!  How can something so neglected bloom so beautifully?  I don’t even water it.  It sits there in its old dirty pot…in the cold…in the rain…in the heat…and waits till just the right time to delight us once again.  God does such amazing things in the plant world.  I am just happy to have this little miracle living in my yard.


THIS #2...


Just a look at my outdoor mantle.  Love this big old fireplace.  And, it is fun to have another mantle to decorate, too!


THAT #2…      When Levi was about 6 months old, I bought him an infant swing with the intentions of it hanging from a tree limb.  “Not gonna happen,” said Don.  (Because to get it up in any of our trees would require calling for additional people and ladders and ‘stuff’ to make it happen).  And, so my sad little swing has sat on the screened in porch all through the winter and the beginning of spring.  It looked so sad sitting out there…so unattached and all.  I had also been asking for a lawn swing for myself ever since Levi was born, so I could take him outside and swing him in the fresh air.  That didn’t happen either.  But last week, unbeknownest to me, Don went swing shopping.  And he bought a frame for Levi’s swing and one more.  He also bought a wonderful lawn swing with an arbor built over it.  Yesterday, we took Levi out and let him try his swing for the first time.  He cackled right out loud and laughed and smiled.  He loved it!





When swinging was finished we headed back to the house…by way of the pool.  I said ‘yes’ to splashing his feet.



…which moved to the hands…




And, ended with wet, wet clothes!  But wet clothes will dry, as will wet boys.  But, come on!  Is there anything better than splashing your feet in cool water on a warm day?  Oh how wonderful to be grandparents and have the time to allow such frivolity  and encourage new experiences!  My, My! we do have fun together!


THIS #3…          I MUST share this picture with you, my friends.  Another friend posted this on FB this morning and it just warmed my heart.  The picture it paints in my mind is full of comfort and peace.  A mother’s love is so dear.  But, the picture it represents to me is of the Father’s love.  He covers me...that is a most comforting thing.  No matter where and no matter what…He covers me.  (And, He does some of His best work through mothers, doesn’t He?)



His word says it best:

“He will cover you with his feathers.  He will shelter you with his wings.  His faithful promises are your armor and protection.”     Psalm 91:4


THAT #3…     We are headed south to Destin this weekend for a conference Don needs to attend.  Hey, any excuse to go there will do!  Lots of great shopping and restaurants…and of course the gorgeous beach!  Sure hope the sun shines bright for us!  Have a blessed week-end!  Oh!  And should you have the opportunity….SPLASH A LITTLE !