When last we talked (Friday evening), I was on my way to begin setting up for a very special wedding that was to take place on Saturday afternoon.

As it turned out…there was an early change of plans.  We were not able to do any decorating on Friday evening…it all had to be done on Saturday morning…wedding, reception inside, reception outside…before pictures which were slated to start at noon.  I arrived at the venue before 7:00 am Saturday.  There was no one else there.  Oh what a beautiful, quiet and peaceful few moments I had to take in the beauty of the grounds here at M’s Vineyard.  I’m sure in this great and wonderful world there are thousands of gardens grander than this…but in our little town, this is grand.  It makes me wonder how our Lord decides where to take a morning stroll with such beauty to choose from…for I’m sure He was walking with me Saturday morning.  What an unexpected blessing to have a few private moments to praise Him for His goodness.  Following are some of those early morning pics…









Don’t you agree?  It is just so lovely!  And, the jasmine and the honeysuckle and the roses were in full bloom and smelling divine!

Here was my other view when I arrived…

…much to be done!  (Notice the vineyards in the background?)

We bagan by moving all of our ‘stuff’ to the tent from our cars and from the house and from around the grounds.  We had one of the groomsmen who kindly came to help us.  Tina and I have all this stuff at our houses…stuffed into garages and storerooms and used in our decor from time to time.  To do this type of decorating you really need to be a collector.  You could never find all these things at one time…they are just not available.  It has taken years of collecting to gather most of these.  And, we have lots more we didn’t bring.



So we got everything unloaded and spread out and then went back in to get the tablecloths.  Coming back across the lawn, we heard something we had not heard previously…sort of a whirring.  And, then, all of a sudden, the SPRINKLER SYSTEM CAME ON IN FULL FORCE!!!  And, guess where 2 of the sprinkler heads were?  UNDER THE TENT!!  Yes, 2…right in the middle of our tent…wetting supplies, tables, EVERYTHING!      Quick thinking Tina threw 2 of the large tree sections on top of the heads, forcing them into the ground.  This kept the water off the tables…but it caused 2 large puddles on the ground instead!  It took about 20 minutes for us to get the water turned off.  This gave the puddles plenty of time to turn into lakes.  Which is also why my shoes are sitting out in the sun!


Barefooted, I continued to work…I would do what I could on one table and Tina would follow behind me retouching and putting all the extras into place…she is such a wonderful detail person.  It is a delight to work with someone who can catch the same vision you have for a project.  It takes so much of the stress out of a job…unless the BLASTED SPRINKLER SYSTEM COMES ON AND MESSES UP EVERYTHING!!!!.  Hey, we are nothing if not flexible!




(Those empty Mason jars would hold the floating candles that are sitting on the tables)

Working as quickly as we could, we managed to finish under the tent by 11:00.  We went inside and decorated the food table, the 3 drink tables, the gift table, the groom’s table and the mantle.  Whew!  Here are a few of those pics…






Finally, we finished…But, there was still much to do.  The pew (row) markers had to be placed.  Adam needed help with the pics until Suzanne could get Levi situated and get there,  and 101 things that popped up at the last minute.  The bride and groom arrived…an hour later than their scheduled time,  but what bride is ever on time?  Pics inside of her and her mother dressing.  Then out they come.  And, they looked so sweet and beautiful and handsome…and so in love.  They braved the elements…baking sun, no breeze, and a horde of gnats like unto biblical proportions!  And, I’m not exaggerating!


Note the cute cowboy boots!


Danielle and sweet Lucy Jane!  Lucy Jane (Addison) is the daughter of Danielle’s brother, Justin.

Cowboy boots for the bridesmaids, too!



The men in the wedding party…



And, finally, all is ready…Let’s have a weddiing!  Is this sweet Lucy Jane not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  She followed all instructions and did a wonderful job.












Danielle and her Father…


And, it’s over!  Now, let’s party!

Danielle and her stepfather, Patty’s husband, Mike.

My Pop and Danielle have had a long relationship.  She calls to check on him several times a week and they even go out to dinner occasionally.  She honored him so kindly by including him as an honorary grandfather in the ceremony.


What an honor for me to be asked to coordinate and plan this sweet day.  I loved every minute of it.  Well, except the gnats…and the SPRINKLERS!  Otherwise, it was a beautiful day with so many friends that I love.  It was a new beginning for Danielle and Zach.  And, it was a bigger celebration of the goodness of our Heavenly Father who binds us together in Christian love, and causes our hearts to turn to one another in marital love.  For through it all…’we love others because He first loved us!’

Patty is such a dear friend to me.  I loved being a part of this special day in her daughter’s life.  Thanks, Patty for including me!

Beautiful Danielle!  She was such a lovely bride!  And, she is now enjoying a cruise in the Caribbean with her new husband.  Blessing to them both!


These are pictures that I made and some that Patty made.  So, they are not professional, by any means!  I’ll share some of Adam’s when he gets them together and ready to show!