Some of you got it…some of you didn’t…So…..wipe off your glasses

Look! This is me!

Come on, friends, join me…..

We’re getting a gift………………

No, not that kind……this kind…….

YES!!!!!!!!! It’s TRUE!!!!!

After a long struggle, disappointments, tears, hopes, fears, anticipation…..these two are expecting…

And we all are ‘over the moon’………

And…I am going to be a Grandmother….but, I haven’t decided on my ‘real name’ yet…..suggestions welcomed!

All our thanks go to the Lord, who hears our prayers, and answers our prayers. We praise Him for His goodness and grace toward us.

Now…Go back to the last post. Pink Fower/Blue Flower “Children are a gift from God”. Psalm127:3 Now you get it!




  1. Tears and GRINS!!

    love from Ganjin

  2. I don't read between the lines very good so I didn't get it!!!!!!!! YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! You cannot even IMAGINE in your wildest dreams how wonderful it is!!!!!! Ours that is due in Dec. was a long awaited, prayed for, struggled over baby too. So, oh do I know the joy!! Oh, and I LOVE BEING A NONNY!

  3. Oh,Tonja!!! What joys you will have. There's nothing like it. However. since I became the Granny before you. I will gladly teach you all you need to know. We can take them shopping and to the pool and even on a trip. They MUST learn how to become a true TOWNSEND. I am so thrilled that we have addition to our family. I know that Adam and Suzanne will be wonderful parents.i'm going to be an aunt. Aunt Gigi..Sounds good.

    Love you

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How exciting. My niece calls her dad "daddy" and my dad "papa". We call him Grandpa in front of her but I guess that was too hard to say so she just shortened it. It is really cute now. My mom is a close version of Grandma that sounds more like "gama".
    I am so happy for you. What a blessing.

  5. I somehow missed that pink and blue post. But when I saw the line from the doxology on FB yesterday, that is the first thing that came to my mind. I am ecstatic for them and for you, Tonja. How well I remember the joy when Lori was finally pregnant after years of praying and doctoring. Hallelujah!!

  6. I have chills, literally, from the top of my head down to my toes, Tonja. I am so very happy for all of you … I know how excited you must be! You are going to be the best grandmother ever. My heartfelt congratulations to Suzanne and Adam.

    Regarding names for grandmothers — our Avery Grace calls me Grandmama, which I love.

    Oh, I am SO excited and happy for you, and I know your mom is rejoicing in Heaven, too.

  7. Sooooo excited for you, and of course mom and dad-to-be! I got a hint a few posts ago but was waiting on your to spell it out for sure! Congrats!

  8. I didn't get it but I get it now. Congratulations! I have chills and tears. I am thrilled for you.
    Keeping them in my prayers. What a blessing from God.

  9. justabeachkat |


    Sooooooooooooooooooo excited for you!

    I'm MeMe to our 9 (so far). Take your time and find a name you will love.


  10. Yay! I got it right! Congratulations to all of you! You'll be a great grandmother!!!! In our family, we have Grandmommy & Granny.

  11. Congratulations Tonya, what wonderful news…..its the greatest thing. I'm called Granny, of course my kids think I am too young to be called granny, but I love it. Looking forward to following through to birth. Blessings, Debbie

  12. Just read the wonderful news at this late hour and am ecstatic for all of you! What joy! What celebration! Indeed, God has heard our prayers and answered! Sending my love with happy tears! Can I be called Aunt June Bug?

  13. Jeanette Glover |

    Great News !!!!!!!!!! Nothing like being a grandmother, no one can tell you what's it like. God is so good to us in his own timing. You'll come up with a unique name. Love to all.

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