That would be…three big boys and one little boy.  And, that would be Adam, Alex, Ian and Little Levi.

Ian was home for the weekend and quite a time was had by us all!  He managed to get much accomplished!  On Friday night, he and his sweet cousin Lori, and Pop all went out to dinner.  They all enjoyed the time together and catching up and reminiscing.

Then, on Sat, he did a little studying, a little visiting, and then our little family all ate together last night.  Of course, the main attraction was Little Levi!  We cooked out for our supper…the traditional Southern, get-together, without too much trouble…hamburgers on the grill!  Delicious!

Ian managed to get in some special ‘Levi time’ while he was here.  And last night, all 3 boys were having such fun together.  God blessed Alex with a better day and he was able to be up with the family last evening.  And, those 4 had a ball together.  Levi doesn’t stand a chance!  Check out these pictures…








                      “Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.”Psalm 127:3…

                                                                                                      …that would be both big children and little ones!