*****or-ange, noun…a color between red and yellow in the spectrum*****

Orange is just THE most glorious of colors, don’t you think?  It just brightens up anything it is next to and glows all on its own.  But, orange, she is a fickle girl…she can say ‘warm and cozy’ as well as ‘bright and fun’.  However she’s behaving when you see her…she’ll not be ignored.  You WILL notice her.








Isn’t fall the most wonderful time to celebrate ?  And, don’t ya think orange is the most perfect color to celebrate celebrating fall in?   Oh, just one more picture to share…the best use of orange I’ve seen to date!


 Happy Fall, Y’all !




  1. I hope you're getting my comments. I have to put in all my info each time because I 'm not sure how to log in from Blogger. Anyhow……Beautiful colors! Beautiful…..I love Cinderella's pumpkin coach! But I know which is your personal favorite and he's such a cutie!

  2. P. O. on your live feed it says I'm from Chipley…..I'm not sure why but I am honestly in Panama City!

  3. Orange is my hubs favorite color!!! Levi and his shirt are ADORABLE!

  4. You, Too, Sweetpea!!

    This is a wonderful BRIGHT on this cloudy, wet day—even orange loses a bit in the translation when it's clumpy and damp, but yours—just WONDERFUL.

  5. Of course the picture of Levi is perfect! Great examples of the color orange.

  6. Great post, Tonja! Levi is so adorable, and I love his little shirt. Happy Fall to you, too!

  7. Love all the orange pictures – especially the last one. Trying to catch up on reading today. I share your feelings on fall – it has always been my favorite season.

  8. Hi sweet friend!

    I'm still in Jackson helping Bree and Jay with the baby. Oh, how happy I am. I'm sure you understand.

    Love all your photos, especially the last one, of course. He is getting so big. Adorable!


  9. I LOVE orange! My bridesmaids dresses were orange. I even trimmed our family room in burnt orange back in 1980!! And I love that adorable little pumpkin in the last photo!!

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