Love, love, LOVE these candles!  I have told you about them before, but it bears repeating, I think.  The pictured scent is my favorite.  I can light it in my kitchen and it scents the whole house.

 And, the scent lasts all the way through the candle.  I’ve learned recently about how some of the more famous candle makers scent their candles on the top only, so that by the time you get halfway down the candle, the scent is gone.  Not fair, I say!  And, that is why they smell so strongly when you open the lid to smell them.  Now, this little candle…WalMart…around $5.oo…is wonderful.  There are several scents to choose from, but in all honesty, this one lasts the longest.  I have, however, found another one in the collection that I really like, as well, for this time of year.  It is Mulled Cider.  Very nice, cozy, homey scent…perfect for fall.  This is the size I always buy, even though they do come in a larger size with a glass top.  Haven’t tried those…so don’t know how the scent holds up.  I use the Cranberry Mandarin all year long.  And one more good thing…that big sticker on the front…it peels right off  (with no gunk left over) so the candle looks presentable any where you may wish to place it.  (It’s the little things, isn’t it, friends?)

No, Wal Mart did not hire me to sell their candles.  Nor did they pay me to endorse them.  I just think if something is good…and makes you smile…we ought to share that info.  So, that’s what I did.


OK, you’ve got to hurry if you are going to take advantage of this next goody!   This is available for a limited time only…and that’s the truth.  I found this two years ago. And, I learned then that it is only sold during the Fall.  Last year, I never could find it and after some super sleuth work on my part…I learned it is only sold at Wal Mart.  This year, I went early…and there it was!  Pretty as you please…right in the frozen food section of Wal-Mart.

This is wonderful!  Now don’t go thinking that it tastes like frozen pumpkin pie.  It doesn’t.  It is very smooth and creamy…with just a touch of pumpkin flavor.  And, there is graham cracker crust mixed in.  It’s divine!  Really!  Just one thing…this is a pint,  just a little, bitty pint.

I ‘m sorry this is such a bad photo, but…I think you can read it well enough to see that someone who obviously doesn’t enjoy the delight that is scrumptious ice cream, decided that this itty, bitty,little pint holds 4 (FOUR) servings!  Four?  Are you kidding me?  I’ve heard of people who ate the whole pint at one sitting.  I don’t know them personally…but I think that it really could be possible.

No, Wal Mart did not hire me to sell their ice cream.  Nor did they pay me to endorse it.  I just think if something is good…and really, REALLY YUMMY…we ought to share that info.  I did.  And, you can eat as many servings at one time as you want to.  No one is looking.  Really.  Enjoy!


Recently I shared with you a sweet CD I had bought for Levi before we even knew there was going to be a Levi.  And, I’d like to tell you about another one that I found just the other day.  It is by Jewel.  Are you familiar with her?  Well, while I was shopping, I found this and decided to give it a try.  

It is titled Lullaby.  Jewel has a soft soprano voice, and this CD is beautiful.  There are a few classical children’s songs on it, but for the most part, the songs are all original.  I put it on when Levi goes down for his afternoon nap.  And, we both listen.I have found myself humming several of the melodies.  I hesitate to tell you where I got this.  But, I will…you know ‘truth in blogging and all that’.  It is put out by Fisher Price, and I bought it at Wal Mart.  I checked, though, and you can also get it at Barnes and Nobel or Amazon.

No, Wal Mart did not hire me to sell their CD’s.  Nor did they pay me to endorse this one.  I just think if something is good…and soothing and calming…we ought to share that info.  And, so I did.


Friends, I never go to Wal Mart anymore, really.  I have to cross the highway to go there and Target is on this side of the highway.  I went once a few weeks ago for something specific, and obviously my shopping radar was on full blast.  It’s just not a place I go regularly anymore.  Though it’s clear to me they have things that have quite an appeal to me!  Maybe I should just go ahead and cross that highway and visit there more often.  Perhaps when my supply of candles is gone…..or my supply of Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream !


Joy and I are taking Pop back to Birmingham on Wednesday and Thursday to see 2 more doctors about his eyes.  They definitely want to do surgery, but Pop is still not sure.  So, we are going to see the doctor that does the surgery to get some more information.  Then seeing a low vision specialist to see if they have some aids that may help him.  Please say a prayer for us as we travel.  And, as we begin to make decisions to help Pop’s vision.  Also, Alex has had an extremely bad few weeks dealing with his pain.  Even his strongest meds are not helping.  We thank you in advance for praying for our family.

Hope the weather where you are is as nice as it is here.  Enjoy your week!