Easter morning dawned as a glorious spring day in our little corner of AL.  Don went to Sunrise Services and breakfast at church and Ian and I joined him for Worship services at 9:30.  Such an inspiring message by our pastor today…one of the best Easter messages I think I’ve ever heard.  Then home to finish my devilled eggs and to pick up the baskets and such for the kids, then off to Pop’s.  The family all gathered there today and Joy had prepared a delicious meal.  She always does a fantastic job.  I do love my sweet sister.  She has such a giving heart.  We all enjoyed the meal and the kids played and hunted eggs…well, John Thomas did…Levi tried to eat them!  And the big boys got out of hand and began tossing the eggs and catching the eggs and missing the eggs and smashing the eggs…on the porch!  Yuck!  Boys don’t ever completely grow up!

Here are pictures I took..even though someone complained about me taking them.  Doesn’t bother me…I like to have them and share them.  We missed Tommy today.  But, he needed rest after doing battle with a kidney stone this week and finally resorting to medical intervention.  We missed Alex as well.  He was not feeling well enough to be up.  How my heart of hearts longs for the day he can join us in family gatherings.

AFTER CHURCH…in my yard

























We all went our separate ways…to our own homes.  Don’t know about anyone else…but I had a delicious afternoon nap!  What a treat!  Prayers please as our sweet Tara undergoes maxillofacial surgery in Birmingham this week.  God bless you all on this special day.  And a prayer of thanks for blessings too many to list.