THE  ULTRASOUND  THIS  MORNING……………….Tonja Owens 2/18/11

I saw his face…I saw his eyes

I saw his mouth…so tiny in size.

Growing, protected, by mother to be,

Flipping and turning, oh,  look, can you see?

There’s a foot…no, wait…it must be a heel,

For sure that’s an elbow…isn’t that what you feel?

Stretching out long, then curling up tight,

It’s such a sweet blessing to see he’s all right.

Hurry, sweet baby, we can all hardly wait

To see if you’re going to come on your date?

Or earlier, or later, just drawing it out,

You’ll know just when the time’s right, no doubt.

So I guess that our job is to wait and to pray,

Till we get the call that says,” It’s TODAY!”

PS…That’s a foot up next to his face!




  1. Oh how precious! You are about to be blessed beyond what you can ever dream!

  2. The newer ultrasound machines sure are better than the old – – – I can actually TELL that's a baby and not just a blob!

  3. AWWWW, what a handsome little fellow!!! Isn't it just the neatest thing to SEE him?? Can you imagine how we would have felt to have that little picture to show around—like a miracle itself.

    Sweet poem—I'll bet it gets copied forever to go with the little pics going to GRANDS and other relatives!

    My only time to see one was with Sweetpea, and in the hush of that dark room, with the machine-swish the only sound, we just looked our eyes full as the tech measured and pointed out her features. i took DS's hand for a bit, just feeling the almost-sacred air of the moment, looked at the sweet round swell on the screen as the young woman drew a little line around to measure.

    "OH, Look at her little noggin!!" I chirped in rapture.

    "That's her WAIST." was the answer. Silly me.

  4. Oh, I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!! And a bit jealous too. I know Bree just got married in May, but I'm already hinting and telling her cute names I dream up. LOL

    I can only imagine your excitement in getting to see his sweet face for the first time. Oh my!

    Loved the poem. Did you write it? It's wonderful and special.


  5. Well, he's just precious! He's going to have a future in acrobatics if he can get his foot up by his face!!!!! So happy for you all!

  6. I am so glad you got to go and see him. I am so glad that he is doing so well and he looks so cute.

  7. What a precious little miracle!

  8. Awww … the first time ever you saw his sweet face! Isn't modern technology awesome! I know you can't wait to hold that little bundle of joy. You know your heart is never going to be the same once he gets here, don't you?

    Did you write that precious poem?

    • Janie

      Thanks for those sweet words! Yes, we are thrilled beyond measure! He will be welcomed with so many who love him already! I know you have shared how sweet your relationship is with your granddaughter, and I am so looking forward to that! And, yes, I wrote the little poem. I couldn't find any quotes or poetry that captured what I was feeling…, I just wrote my own!

      Hope your weather is a little warmer. We have had some 70's this week! Much more my style!


  9. That is THE most real ultrasound I have ever seen! How absolutely cool is that?!
    Love to you, my friend!
    Angie xoxo

  10. Tonja, the poem is a treasure, and I'm sure it will end up in his baby book, if it's not already there, along with his "first picture!"

  11. What a sweet, sweet poem! I love it! Aren't the 4D ultrasounds amazing? I've seen some people crop all the wording off the edges and reprint them and have them framed. I'm sure as crafty as you are you could come up with something just beautiful! Oh, I think you need to frame your poem with it too!

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