THE  ULTRASOUND  THIS  MORNING……………….Tonja Owens 2/18/11

I saw his face…I saw his eyes

I saw his mouth…so tiny in size.

Growing, protected, by mother to be,

Flipping and turning, oh,  look, can you see?

There’s a foot…no, wait…it must be a heel,

For sure that’s an elbow…isn’t that what you feel?

Stretching out long, then curling up tight,

It’s such a sweet blessing to see he’s all right.

Hurry, sweet baby, we can all hardly wait

To see if you’re going to come on your date?

Or earlier, or later, just drawing it out,

You’ll know just when the time’s right, no doubt.

So I guess that our job is to wait and to pray,

Till we get the call that says,” It’s TODAY!”

PS…That’s a foot up next to his face!