We had Adam and Suzanne over for supper this week.  It is always such a treat when the 3 of them are here!  This little butterbean was sound asleep when he came in, so we just let him be for a while.

After he woke up, and after we had all finished eating, Suzanne decided to let Levi have his first taste of the pool.  And, lest you think it was not warm enough to swim…yesterday the temp here was 101….yes, 101!!!  It is approx. 5:00 p.m. right now and it is 102 degrees!  So, yes, it was warm enough!

I bought him a little swimsuit when I was in Maui, and Suzanne put it on him.  And, out we went.  I was afraid he would cry when he first got in the water, but, he never made a whimper!   He loved it!  See what you think…



After he was in for a few minutes, we got him out and dried him off and he got a good snuggle in with his granddaddy.

And, I’m not sure, but I imagine that he was dreaming of his first swim before he got out of the driveway!