That sweet boy who was born into our lives just a little over a year ago has officially celebrated the momentous occasion of his first birthday!  And, what a party we had!  Attended by most of the family, we ate hot dogs with great fixins and opened presents and sang and had cake and played and laughed and added another sweet memory to our family book.


Oh what fun!  Suzanne had planned a baseball themed party and Levi was dressed to fit the bill.


The table had his cute cake, various baseball hats, baseballs, big buckets of peanuts, cookies, chips and all sorts of goodies to coax a big appetite!


Before we ate, we had a sweet blessing of thanks by Pop.  What a priviledge it is to stand in a circle holding hands with the ones you love the most!  We feel so blessed…and thankful.  Here is our sweet Pop, followed by  Levi’s Granddaddy Owens and Papa Horn.  And, sweet hugs by Levi’s Mia and Lulu.  Also attending were Aunt Tara, Aunt Lori, Uncle Ben, and great aunt Joy.





Our eldest ‘little’, John Thomas, came in toting a big package, which was quickly forgotten when he saw Levi’s toys spread across the den floor.  So much to explore.  The boys were happy to see each other and played well together.   Levi was having such a good time he was just dancing across the floor!





After all the guests arrived, Suzanne served us a hot dog lunch, complete with all the great fixing!   Then she changed Levi into another baseball shirt, and put him in his high chair.  She said something about ‘cake.’  But, poor Levi didn’t know what that was.  Besides, she was taking waaaaaaay too long!


“Finally, here she comes!  I don’t even know what cake is…I usually just get beans and carrots!  It sure looks yummy, though…and just like my baseball, too!  LOOK OUT!  it’s on fire!  Whew!  she blew it out.”



“You mean I get the whole thing?  Aren’t you afraid I’ll choke or something?  I’ll be careful.  What’s this green and blue stuff?  YUM!  I like this!





“This stuff is good!  Now that I’m one, do I get to have cake everyday?”    (Sometimes too much of a good thing can be too much!)




And after all the cake got cleaned up…from the boy and the table…the big cake was cut and the rest of the party got to see just how good it was.  We agreed with Levi…but we ate a little neater!

Then, it was present time!  Levi wasn’t quite sure what to do, but caught on quite quickly when his daddy showed him the ropes…or the ribbon.




“I got a wheel !  What does it go with?”



“Levi!  Levi!  Wait!  You don’t know how to ride yet.  Let me show you how!”


“Well, I know how to ride this boat!”


“Uncle Ian, am I supposed to eat this stuff?


“Maybe I’m ‘spose to wear them!  Yeah!  that’s what they’re for! Wait till I figure out these shade glasses and then I’ll really look cool!”


And,  after a little ‘tummy time’ with Granddaddy,  the party came to an end.  Hugs and kisses all around, we went our separate ways.  Paper and ribbons strewn across the floor, Levi was content in Mommy’s arms with an armful of ribbons to chew on.



And, as I looked at the pictures I had made after I returned home, I was reminded of how thankful I should be.  What a wonderful son Adam is, and such a sweet and caring father to Levi.


He is one of those ‘hands-on’ dads, and that makes me very happy.  A very wise father he is, as well.  He married the perfect girl to be his wife and mother to his children.  What a sweet family they make.  And, they are blessed with  an available extended family to make sure they are doing it right….(Just kidding)  We are blessed.  We “praise God, from whom all blessings flow…”.