It has been really hard for our family to get together recently.  Nothing new and major…just illness, age, lingering health issues, work, etc.  But we gave it another try on Memorial Day.  Still some were not able to be here, but the celebration went on!

This was the first time our sweet Ella was old enough to join us for a  little family fun!  Her first time in the pool, too!  She did great.  Ian and Samantha had gotten her a great, very safe and secure water device to use.  She really loved it.  I, of course, went with the girliest thing I could find and got her a baby flamingo!  She liked theirs best.  Really, I think she will enjoy the flamingo when she can sit up better and has more control.  Anyway, she really enjoyed the water!


Levi has yearned to spend more time with Ella, but with his school, and ball and tennis, and his and Ella’s parents work and school…it has been hard.  So he enjoyed some time getting to just talk with his Aunt Samantha and Ella.

And, to all our great delight, Alex was able to be outside with us for a while today.  And Levi and he had lots to talk about..Star Wars and video games and stuff!

Our sweet Hudson really enjoyed the pool.  He is so fun to be with…such a sweet boy!


We had delicious barbecue, with coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, chips and dip, and a big strawberry shortcake!  Yum!

Adam was at work, but Suzanne was with us and she enjoyed the pool and the baby!

…….Imagine there is a beautiful picture here of Suzanne in the pool…looking so lovely.  But, she would not let me post it!…….


We were so glad that Joy and Tommy came, too!  It’s always great to have sister/brother time!

One of the last days I spent with my sweet Mother was at my house on July 4th, 2008.  We had a cook out at my house soon after we moved into our house here on Cross Creek Lane.  I remember her and Pop sitting out by the pool and us just talking and visiting.  She died 9 days later…quickly and unexpectedly.  I miss her every single day!  She would be so proud of her great grand children.  As I hold our her namesake, I remember my lovely Mother.

Here are the precious children, Hudson, Ella, and Levi…

My beautiful daughters-in-love…Suzanne and Samantha.  (And no, I do not know how to make it big like the rest of them…it is beyond my bag of skills).


Levi, Joy, Alex and I popped crackers and found crowns inside…so Alex dubbed us the King and Queen of the day!


Another sweet memory of times together.  We missed our absent members, but included them in spirit.

And we remember the reason for this day of celebration.  We owe our freedom to gather together to the brave men and women who paid for it so dearly.  We are indebted forever.  I feel one of our greatest gifts from God was to allow us to be born in or become citizens of America.  With all the trouble and strife and unrest in our country now, we still live in the greatest country on Earth. And we are thankful!