Another Boogaloo Camp is in the files!  I honestly don’t know how they keep getting better…but they do!  This year was a blast!  Our little boys are growing up and changes have to be made to accommodate their changing interests.  What used to be loads of fun is just so-so, now.  But, we are nothing if not flexible!  And so we move on to newer and exciting things.

We arrived on Thursday and the fun began immediately!  Our theme this year was ‘A TRUCKLOAD OF FUN’.  I usually set up a scene on the table to welcome them in…

Joy and I arrived a day early and did a little cooking for the group.  So we had a good supper of chicken salad, fresh tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries…fresh salsa dip…perfect for a beach night. And, Joy had special cookies made for us!

Then we visited and played an exciting game of charades.  It was the boys against the girls.  I won’t say who won, but the fun we had was equally divided!

Joy and I showed off our new matching flamingo pajamas.  They girls said we were ‘standing on sinking sand’…so she and I treated them to an old hymn…”On, Christ the Solid Rock, I Stand’ (all other ground is sinking sand’.)  They may not agree, but I am sure it was a highlight for them!

On Saturday morning, Suzanne treated us all to a delicious breakfast…eggs, bacon, sausage,  grits, fresh fruit, toast…it was so good! Then the younger crew took off to the chaos that is Shipwreck Island…Joy and I chilled at the house!

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful.  Breakfast was from Thomas Doughnuts!  Yummy!

The boys and I did a little art project and the girls gathered together our provisions for our big adventure!  This falls under the heading of trying ‘new and exciting things!’

We rented a pontoon boat and took it to Shell Island for the afternoon.  What a fun time we had!  Suzanne and Tara were the designated driver and navigator…and they did a fabulous job!  We skimmed across that water like we had been doing it all our lives!

A beautiful old tree trunk, sculpted by the water, and the winds…reminded me of a crown.  I love to see the beautiful things Mother Nature does with remnants of things that are of no use anymore.  With just the right touch she turns them into a thing to marvel at!  You just have to have eyes that look for beauty in unusual places.  I think that could lead into a sermon, but I’ll save it for another day.


We swam and explored and floated and had the best time ever!  Joy and I remarked that it was so nice to just sit back and let the girls take us where we wanted to go and bring us back!  A perk of our advancing ages, right?  They did so well!

Monday was filled to the brim!  After another Thomas Donuts run, next on the agenda  was a paint gun fight between the boys!  Well, we thought it would be fun…but they didn’t think so.  They managed to muddle through…enough for a picture…but that is definitely off our list in the future!  Those smiles are 100% fake!  Ya win some…ya lose some! (All the paint washed out!)

But, as usual, Funland was right up their alley!   The old school arcade just suits us all.  The boys love it, it’s not crowded, and full of things they love to do!


Then it was our night to splurge and savor some great seafood   We ate at Schooners…grilled grouper, fried shrimp, oysters, fried fish, scallops, crab claws…and even some chicken fingers!  Can’t you just taste it?  So yummy!

Then a walk out the back door to take in a little sand and sun…perfect for more pictures!  Wow!  That sun was blinding!

Next stop…Go Karts!  A few laps around the course and we were off to the City Pier.  We had been working our whole day around being able to watch the sunset from the pier.  And, we managed to hit it just right!  Now the sunset was not a showstopper like some we have seen, but the breeze was wonderful!  We watched the waves and the fishermen, saw a rescue on the beach, watched the people hurrying to and fro.  It was so relaxing and gave us the perfect time for just talking and reflecting on the beauty and life around us!

And as Tuesday rolled around, it was time to pack up, clean up and head back home.  Of course we had to take more pictures!  This year we got shirts made for us all…blue for the boys and pink for the girls.  They have a big pontoon boat on the back.


The girls and boys helped with clean up before they left.  Joy and I stayed another night to get all the sheets and towels washed and to just chill a little in the quiet!  Actually, it was too quiet…we had to go do something…a little shopping and a great supper at Mike’s.  Next morning we packed up and headed towards Dothan.

And, so this season of joy comes to a close.  How blessed we are to have a family that loves one another and wants to share times together.  It gets harder and harder the older we all get.  But, we will continue as long as God gives us strength.  I could make a list of things we are grateful for and I would not have a stopping point.  God is so good.  It is because He ordained it that we are able to share these times together.  It is because of His goodness that we have the health to enjoy it.  It is all thanks to Him.  It is not something Joy and I take lightly as we plan for this each year.  We were missing 3 of our family this year, due to an unforeseen medical issue. Issue solved…and they are looking forward to joining us next year!  Now that’s going to be a fun time!  Looking forward already!

“Thank you, dear Father, for this glorious time together to laugh and sing and dance and play and enjoy one another!  You are the Giver of All Good Things and we praise you with grateful and overflowing hearts!”  Amen.