Spring Break 22 is in the books!  Everyone who entered and spent time with me at The Sandcastle had a blast!  It just never does last long enough!  Time always seems to go by too fast near those gorgeous beaches!

Suzanne, Levi and I went down on Fri. of the week before.  We found lots to occupy our time, as usual.  We did a little shopping in Destin and in PCB, they rode go carts, we went to the FunLand Arcade, and we ate at our favorite places…for breakfast and dinner!  And, Levi had some birthday money he needed to get rid of, so we helped him do that, too.

Below:  the docks outside of Boondocks, Fun Land, and The Sandcastle…





Levi, Suzanne and I have been coming down for spring break since was a toddler!  It has become a special time for us to share together.  God blessed me with these 2 dear ones and I love all the time we spend together!

They left for home and I had a couple of days of quiet just to myself.  I read and watched movies and snacked and rested!  Then here comes the girls!  Tina and Shirl arrived early Thursday and we had such a fun time catching up with each other.  Even though Tina and I live in Dothan, we both have been so very busy with our families and Tina moved into a new house.  So we haven’t spent much time together except on the phone.  Shirl lives in Moultrie and she stays busy all the time with her church and their ministries and her family.  So we spent the whole first day just talking and laughing and remembering !  Such fun! We are so blessed our friendship has continued for so many years!  Of course, Tina and Shirley are sisters in law, so they have that sweet bond, also.

The next day, we knew there were places we needed to see.  We have some favorite shops we love to visit every time we are at the Beach.  They have all the stuff we like…old stuff, new stuff, stuff to wear, stuff to carry, jewelry stuff, stuff for our home…just our kind of stuff!  And so we made the rounds.  And ended up at a great restaurant for shrimp and fish and hushpuppies…oh my!  Then we watched movies till we crashed!

Alas, they needed to leave Saturday, and so we cleaned up and packed up and off they went.  Shirl lives about 2 hours further than we do.

But our time together was perfect…we hashed out what everyone needed to do about whatever was going on in their lives as only the very best friends can do!  Sad to see them go, but we have already got plans for our next escape!  I followed a few hours later and spring break was officially over for us!

How thankful it makes me to be able to spend time at our little beach cottage. Don keeps it looking nice and has just finished doing repair work on the deck and porch.  I love to hear this little place filled with kids and noise and laughter and secrets and tears and prayers.  And I love sharing it with the people I love most in the world!  of course, if I gathered them all at one time, we could not fit in!  I thank God for his beautiful world, his beautiful people, and his beautiful love.  Till next year!

Below:  The Sandcastle, Turtle Girls Market, The Salty Mermaid, Salty Sues…