Back in the spring, Tina and I went over to Moultrie to help Shirley celebrate her retirement.  The party was held at her daughter’s house.  Since Jayna was pregnant, I took her a gift for her baby.  I had found this cute little bath towel, all pink and so cute.

We knew that her other daughter, Jolie, was pregnant, too.  So, on my last trip to Atlanta I was looking for a gift for her…I came upon some more towels.   Homegoods has a great baby area…separated into girl and boy departments.  I found these cute towels in the boy section…

So, I decided, since I thought these were so cute and useful, that I would get one for her new baby boy. I chose the lamb and have had it at home. but have not gotten it to her yet…even though he is already here.  I was planning to mail it, but Tina is going over on Thanksgiving, so I will let her take it.

She (Tina) came over yesterday to bring Alex a birthday gift, so I hurried to get it wrapped so she could take it with her.  Had the cutest bag and tissue, and started the wrapping.  Then, I had a horrible thought.  What if this was one of the ones that was sized for bigger children.  That would not do. I could not remember checking the size.   So, I turned it over to check…and…..OH!     MY!….After I read the back, I said, “Thank-you, Lord!  For looking out for this crazy woman who hasn’t got the sense of a gnat! “ Here’s what the back said….

What if I had sent this?  What if sweet Jolie and her hubby ,Paulo, had opened this gift and saw that it was not intended for human use?  What if I had not turned it over and looked?   It was packaged just like the pink one was.  It was in the ‘boys’ section…NOT the dog section.  Anyone could have made this mistake… RIGHT?

Well, if I HAD sent it…they would have laughed and laughed and laughed.  They know me well and would have just considered it typical.  So, I am headed out to buy a baby gift…and it WILL NOT be a towel!  However, when bath time comes for Finn…he will be dried off in style!

I’ve heard it said…don’t know where….that “you truly begin to grow up when you can laugh at yourself.”  I’ve been laughing for quite a while, and the older I get, the more I laugh.

Oh, and what did I learn?   Always read the front and the back of an item.  It may just save you from BIG embarrassment!