Joy has told me for several years about a most wonderful shop over in Bainbridge, GA, a little town about 50 miles from Dothan. She said it had so many things I would like.  She has shopped there, but it has never been convenient for me to go.  She called the first of the week to see if I would go with her on Friday.  I said I would, and we asked Pop to go with us.

Since Joy and Pop live on the other side of town, I went over and picked Pop up and we went to Joy’s house.  We got into her car, backed out of the garage, and then she stopped.  She turned around and looked at me and said, “I hate to tell you this.”   She did not, however, hate to tell me this…I could see it all over her face.   She continued,”  Tommy wasn’t able to get me gas, so we have to stop and get some.”  What she meant was, “Na Na Na Na Boo Boo…You gotta get out and pump gas”.  Because, the fact is, as a grown woman of 55 years…she CAN NOT pump gas.  I think this is deplorable.  What woman in today’s world cannot pump gas?   It just makes no sense to me.  I asked her what she would do if she was alone and had to have gas and  she said she would find some kind man and smile real pretty and make him feel sorry for her and he would pump it.  I told her she was a disgrace to womankind ever where.  She did not care.  She laughed…a mean, maniacal laugh. She showed me this book she has been reading…

Pity she won’t get to finish it……

We stopped at the Shell Station.    So, I ran the card and took out the pump and started the flow.  P.E.O.P.L.E……that gas was not the least bit willing to get into her Volvo.  It dripped…dripped, I tell you.  It took over 10 minutes to get it up to $20.00.  Of course, she wanted me to fill it up.  I didn’t.

Some nut case in another car was having fun with their car horn.  I thought it must be a child, but when I looked…no, it was a grown woman.  On and on and on and on. I was still trying to pray the gas out of the pump.  It was all just too much.  Joy got out and said, ” Sister, what’s taking so long?”  So, I stopped pumping and went inside to get a bottle of water.  I asked the clerk if their pumps were always so slow… because I never wanted to come back if they were.  She said they had some body come and fix them earlier, but there were still a couple of pumps that were slow.  I said,” I ‘m supposing #8 is one of the slow ones, huh?”    And she laughed!  “I bet that’s the one you got, ain’t it?” she said.  “It is, ” I said.  Then I suggested she put a note on the tank. 

I got in the car, and down the road we went toward our destination.  Bainbridge, GA is a little town about 50 miles away.  It has a lovely town square with all the shops located around it.  A very well kept garden area with comfy benches to sit on.  Pop had already decided that he was going to pick out a bench and enjoy the sunshine and the people.  We pulled up into the square and there was no doubting which shop it was.  There were lots of buildings around the square…much like so many Georgia towns.  But, nothing else looked at all inviting or even open.  But, that was OK…cause the store we came to see was more than enough. 

 This was one amazing store. These was stuff…and stuff on top of stuff…and stuff behind the stuff.  Every single shelf was like that!  Throughout the whole store!  And, it was all current merchandise, too.  We walked through once just trying to see everything.  Then we went back and picked out some things for Christmas gifts.  They began wrapping our gifts and as we continued to walk around, we found more that we had not seen earlier!

We had a ball!  And, we both got a lot of our Christmas list crossed off.  AND…they wrapped everything…for free!  We had so much they put the wrapped presents in garbage bags!  Back to the car, and Pop came walking through the square to meet us.  He had found a place that sold ice cream and a shady tree to sit under.

Joy had heard of another few stores in another little town named Colquitt.  So, off we went.  We talked of first one thing and then another….nothing of great importance….just enjoying being together.  The weather could not have been any better for us…warm and sunny with a little breeze.  Arriving in Colquitt, we visited the two shops.  Pop sat in the car and napped a little.  It did not take us nearly as long here as it did in Bainbridge.  But, we found a few things that begged to come home with us.

We made our way back to Dothan, and all went our separate ways. A beautiful day…Volvo gassed…shopping accomplished….memories made.

Saturday dawned just as beautiful as Friday.  And, what fun…today we celebrate the first birthday of that sweet boy, John Thomas!

Tara and Will live on Bush Mountain (Abbeville), about a 45 minute drive, and Tara has to drive it every day…Will, too.  They have such a lovely home, in the middle of beautiful untouched land.  John Thomas has a perfect place to grow up.  Will, and his cousins who live close by, are all big hunters. Tara had everything decorated and festive and ready for a party!  Both sets of his grandparents were there and several aunts and uncles and cousins and even a great grandfather.   Ian even came down from Birmingham!

And presents, galore!  He got the first one, the musical dog, and that was it!  He loves music!  He’s is walking well, and now has a riding toy and a big red wagon!

Afterwards, Suzanne fixed Ian his favorite hamburgers and then Ian, Don and Alex played chess until waaaay late!

FAMILY…what a blessing!  I could say more, but that sums it up…we are blessed!  It is a gift from God.

Adam and Suzanne went to the party earlier that day, so Adam could make some family pictures for them.  He made quite a few, but here’s my favs.