Someone said to me today, “I check your blog everyday…but there’s nothing new there.”  And it’s true.  I haven’t written to update my blog in way too long.  There are several reasons why.  And, I’m going to share them with you.  But, I bet you knew that, didn’t you?  After all, you did ask, didn’t you?  Thought so.

1…..There are few things so vile and dastardly as that cruel, unrelenting curse that is the stomach virus…AKA ‘stomach crud’.  We started with sweet Levi.  Bless his heart after the vomitting stopped, the diarrhea started.  He was with his parents for the vomitting.  So, you know what that left for me…the other end!  We managed and he got better.  But, when Suzanne came home from school a few days later…she couldn’t make it past my couch.  She was so sick with it.  That same night, it decided to visit Adam.   We tried to keep the baby away from them as much as we could.  I had day duty and Levi’s other grandmother, Mia, had nights.  They eventually got better as well.  Then, one night soon after, Don woke me and said he was dying.  Only, he wasn’t…he just wouldn’t have minded if he had.  Four days dedicated to him.  But, on the second day…Alex cheered us with the news that he had joined the Up and Down Club!  We were on our 3rd week with this stuff.  And, who held out and nursed the others and cheated death by willingly exposing herself to the ‘bug’?  That would be moi!  And, who succumbed, finally, to the plague that it is?  That would also be moi!  I should have lost a good 5 pounds, if you know what I mean.

2…..DH and I have been taking care of some out of town business.  And, through the process, I have learned something.  You should keep your social security card in a safe place.  How have I lived these many years without knowing that?  Or maybe I did know it at one time and just forgot.  Whatever…I did not have it when I needed it.  I know I have it somewhere.  I have even seen it recently.  But, the exact place eludes me.  So, the next thing I needed was a birth certificate.  I know I have one.  I even know where I put it…..right into DH’s hand.  Because the last time we used it, he said “Let me have that and I will put it in a safe place with our other papers.”  And, I did.  I know for positive I did!  But, he can not find it.  He doesn’t even remember what he said.  So, I have had to spend the morning at the Health Department getting a new birth certificate.  It’s fine…I ‘m good.  But, listen to me, please, and be witness of the fact….I took the certificate to him and then I left it with him.  I gave it to him at work, and it did not leave the building with me.   I swear and attest to this fact, being of sound mind and all on the 30th day of the month of May in the year of 2012!

3….I’m a big scaredy cat!  At least that’s what DH says to me!  I don’t think there are that many things that scare me,  except lightning, and bugs (SPIDERS).    And, drowning or getting so far away from the shore that I can not see it or get to it in a few hops.  I can go  fishing if we stay right up next to the shore.   And, I prefer one of those air conditioned boats with the cover over the top and a cute guy to bait the hook and remove the damage.

Now that it is such a lovely temp here most days….about 90-95 degrees…I begin to think about sweet Levi and how to keep him safe.  The pool, she is a beckonning at me…… pulling me in her direction.  And, even though it may be considered an assult to the eyes…I will happily don my swimsuit and enjoy the water!  And, while I may or may not be a bathing beauty, I for sure am not an expert swimmer.  I don’t worry if Adam or Suzanne or DH are here swimming, too.  But, if Levi and I are swimming alone…he will be properly attired.  Because, you do know don’t you, that ‘water wings’ or ‘swimmees’ or any other such offering are NOT life preservers.  As a matter of fact, some very official looking swimming aids have symbols or seals on them. But, it must say US Coast Guard Approved.  If it does not say those words it is not a lifesaving device.
While there are lots of swimming aids that are fun to use, be sure not to depend on them to save a life.  Here is what I found for Levi.
Here’s the offiicial words from the manufacturer.
The Stearns Hydroprene Life Jacket fits nicely around your infant so they can stay protected while in the water without compromising their comfort. This stable jacket will help them confidently learn how to swim and play in the water while being safe. With a zipper and two buckles they can fasten in comfortably and securely. The PVC Foam Front and PE Back are high-quality and ensures floatation. Coast Guard Approved and offering a grab handle in case you need to lift your infant out of the water, the Stearns Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket is stylish and super cute choice for your child. . Material: Foam, Closure: No Zip Entry, User Weight: Less than 30 lbs., Covering: Nylon, Coast Guard Approved?: Yes, Kidsafe?: Yes, Coast Guard Approval Type: III, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 267338, Also Known As: Life jackets are also commonly referred to as Life Vests and PFDs (Personal Flotation Device).
I bought this one at Wal Mart.  It is manufactured by Stearns and is Model #2000009389.  It was located in the sporting goods department…not where they sell the pool toys.  These are also available at other stores as well as on Amazon.  The one I bought cost less than $30.00.
I wanted you to see exactly what this looked like…so I found the CUTEST MODEL IN TOWN to show you.  None other than sweet Levi!
He took to it just fine and after we got it fitted to him well, he just laid back, crossed those feet and floated around!  What is so nice about this model is that his head is well supported and even if a wave was to cause him to turn over…the suit is designed to right itself immediately.
*****This is not a paid endorsement of this product.  It is my honest opinion and research was done by myself*****
4…..My Pop is in excellent health and does all he can to continue as such.  He stays up on all his doctor’s appointments and never misses an appointment.  Today, he had some tests run and the results were wonderful!  Praise the Lord!  Thanks, Pop, for taking such good care of yourself. We want you around for a long, long time!
5…..I love this song.  Everytime I hear it, my heart melts a little.  I’m not a ‘teary-eyed type’, but this touches me every time.  I’m sure you have heard it a thousand times, but look over the words once more.  It is the simple things…isn’t it?  The blue skies, the red rose, the baby’s cry.  Gifts from God, all
What A Wonderful World lyrics
Songwriters: Thiele, Robert; Weiss, George David;I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom, for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

I see skies of blue, and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, dark sacred night
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces, of people going by
I see friends shaking hands, sayin’, “How do you do?”
They’re really sayin’, “I love you”

I hear babies cryin’, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more, than I’ll ever know
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world

Yes, I think to myself
What a wonderful world
Oh yeah

6…..Now that school is out, I won’t have Little Levi on a regular basis.  That is good for his Mom, but sad for me.  I’ll miss him coming over early in the morning.  I’ll miss his rubbing those eyes to signal time for that morning nap.  I’ll miss our luch together and his sweet little mouth awaiting every bite!  I’ll miss watching Bubble Guppies with him and trying my best to get a little rocking time in before his afternoon nap.  It’s usually a losing battle, for he’s so, so busy now.  No time to rock!  His Mommy manages to get some nightime rocking in, though, and I’m so glad.  I want that to last as long as possible for her!
Suzanne brought him over for a few hours on Thursday and we took a little stroll in the front yard.  Alex snapped some pictures while we were on our walk.
7…..I have been busy getting ready for Vacation Bible School at church.  It starts Monday week, and I am doing the crafts for all the age groups.  I wish you could see my studio floor!  I have little piles everywhere!  Not complaining…it’s so much fun!  And, if one child comes to know the Lord, then it is all worth it!
8…..I love this time of year!  And, I love to be outside and feel the sun and the shade and the cool breeze.  Life is good and we are blessed.  I wish you loads of blessings in the coming week!