I haven’t spoken about the Creekhouse in quite a while.  And, for a very good reason…there has been nothing new to speak about.  But, I saw a picture recently and it made me laugh because of how I feel about….kitchens!

I never wanted a big kitchen.  I did however want a kitchen with character.  And, I am happy to say I have that.  The kitchen we built is small next to almost everyone’s…but it is just the right size for us.  There is very little I would change about it……just one set of doors to my pantry.  Not the funky orange screen doors…I still love them.  But, the only problem is that since ALL the food is in the pantry…those doors stay open all the time and I don’t get to enjoy these as much as I would like to.  Also, the other set of doors that leads out to the foyer and my studio tend to stay open for the reason of convenience to go to that part of the house.  So, I would swap the orange doors for the plain doors…and get rid of the plain doors all together.  Yes.  That is what I would like to do.  In my dreams!

This is never going to happen, however.  And, I bring it up as a matter of fact, not a matter of complaint.  My DH believes that unless something is broken, you do not mess with it.  And, it’s not broken…it was just an oversight on my part, when we were building, as to the way the doors would operate.  So—it is what it is.

And, I would not even bother to bring up kitchens at all…seeing as how it is the most unpleasant room in the house…(That’s just me, I know).  But, I saw a picture that I found purely delightful.  It is of a kitchen…to be sure…but one I think I could even grow to like!  What do you think?





Now…that’s a kitchen I think I could love! I suppose you could put your ‘kitchen’ in any room you like!   Isn’t it just the most amazing use of space?  I would imagine there would have to be a pantry somewhere to hold food.   But, honestly, it has all the things I think I would need…except maybe a freezer for necessities like ice cream and ice!

And, speaking of ice cream (we were speaking of ice cream, weren’t we?) Here is another nifty device…for those who have to contend with an infestation of ICE CREAM THIEFS at your house.  And, especially if you enjoy the ‘cream of the day’ is small carton form…this could be a necessity!

Introducing the Ben & Jerry’s combination Pint Lock, a brilliant idea for anyone who has a son or a spouse who doesn’t understand that if he eats one more bite of your Chocolate Fudge Brownie you’re totally going to do something unkind..just saying!


So that’s my post…pure fluff!  Hope it made you smile….OH!  Happy Cooking!