Today is Pop’s 84th birthday! We plan on celebrating tonight with a swim, and supper, and cake! The whole family will be here with the exception of Ben, who is working with the Army cleaning up the oil spill on Dauphin Island. And, Ian, who is not able to get away from Birmingham and make it here. We will miss having them here, but we’ll just party harder to make up for missing them.

Pop, we love you. We are blessed that you lead our family. We admire you, we learn from you and we respect you.




  1. What a blessing…84 years! Happy Birthday, Pop! 🙂

  2. I love him even though I have never met him. What a fine man. Your previous post about him missing your mother was so beautiful and tender.

  3. I know his heart was overflowing with love and pride for his beautiful family. I hope you got lots of pictures to share …

  4. Happy Birthday to your dad! Our parents are such a gift from God. I know his party was special!!
    I guess that should be will be special. I've lost touch with my days!

  5. I had a very busy week and missed reading my blogs – I love the wedding photo and your story about your Pop – I know how lonely my Mama was after Dad died. The post on the homemade ice cream brought back many memories – I do like homemade ice cream. The first Christmas gift I can remember buying my parents was a new ice cream freezer since the old one was falling apart. My Mama let me use the green stamps that year to buy presents and I was so thrilled that they had a freezer.

    Enjoy your day with your Pop!

  6. Hope he had a great day 🙂

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