Happy Birthday to a boy who’s always been ‘going somewhere’………..

No, there’s never been any ‘just hanging around’ for him…

Well, maybe just once…

Making good friends and having fun along the way…

Studying hard and graduating with a MBA…

And going out to explore the world…..

Happy Birthday, my son. You are a joy. You deserve all the best…today….and everyday!…(and that’s no bull!)

I love you!




  1. What a handsome guy!!! I remember that funny hanging picture from another post!

  2. Tonja, what a delight to see Ian in the photo with the saw horse! I made that horse head out of crocasack and still have it today! I actually got it down from the attic this past weekend and offered it at the garage sale, but no buyers. That was before I saw your blog. It is still just as it was that day of the SBC Rodeo. I am trying to remember if it was VBS? Anyway, terrific memories and glimpses into yesteryear. Love you!

  3. Thanks for the post, Mom 🙂 Love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Ian !

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