Finn, Finn, Finn.  You are a wild and crazy dog!  Why Lucy Jane even calls you ‘Wild Man’!  And she came up with that herself!  You are  so happy…bounding here and there…you are in the air as much as your feet are on the ground!  But, you are NOT doing well in the area of ‘taking care of business’ OUTSIDE!   Come on, now, and get with the program…you are causing us too much stress.   

Here are some pics I made of you while we were outside yesterday.  You remember when I asked you to pose for me and you ran the other way?  Until I held one of your fav treats in my teeth!!  Oh, the things you make me do!

Here’s where I asked you to pose…You looked at me like I had lost my mind!  By the way…your right ear is inside out!

Mo-ooooom…… OK, here I am on one side…

And, here’s the other… really, Mom, do you think anyone can tell the difference? 

This one is the best!  And, I fixed my ear, thank you very much!  Hey!!!  Be careful with that treat…don’t swallow it!

OK, here’s my polka dots….And, that’s all there is to me!  Oops!  Sorry ’bout the ear!

That’s it.  I’m ready to get my treat and go.  Umm!  Yum, yum, yum!  And, I’ll have another, please…you must have licked off the best part when it was in your teeth!   Now.  I’m ready for my close-up.

OK, I’m going, now.  Places to go….holes to dig…things to smell…