It’s very stark,  a winter’s day,

Yet, beautiful in so many ways.

The sky is blue, with little sun.

I’m sorry to say, it makes me glum.

The cold goes straight through to my bones

So, time outside doesn’t last for long.

Coats and hats and gloves for all

When Doggy barks for nature’s call.

I miss the sun, and the warmth it brings,

I miss the birds and the songs they sing.

I miss new flowers ready to grow,

I miss the pool and the cool water so.

I know Earth needs this time to rest,

For soon it’ll start to show its best.

Yes, Earth and all should take this chance

To gather strength for the coming dance.

When all will bloom and grow and shine

First, Spring, and then comes Summertime!

So rest, you squirrels, and flowers and bees

Rest and grow in winter’s breeze.

Trees- we’ll watch till we see green

Flowers-you prepare to preen.

Yes, we will wait all covered and capped

Till Earth decides to end its nap.

Tonja Owens…1/27/11