FYI TO MY READERS:  This is the recounting of a recent day, spent in my backyard…with Finn and Lucy Jane.  It will be made into a book for her.  I know it’s a mite on the longish side, but I just had to get it all in.  Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a funny little dog named Finn.  He lived with a Mom and a Dad and his very own boy, Alex.  The family had lots of friends who came to visit.  But, Finn was happiest when Patty and Little Lucy Jane would come over to play.

One day, in early spring, Finn heard the doorbell ring.  And, soon, he heard a voice he loved…it was Little Lucy Jane!  He started shaking all over with excitement.  He always had such fun when she came to play.  He could remember making turkeys out of pumpkins together, and blowing bubbles together.  Well, she blew the bubbles, he just tried to catch them.  He remembered going to catch the sticks she threw, and chewing on the baseballs she tossed in the yard.  She was a little girl…not a big girl like Mom.  So he had to be careful not to jump on her cause it would make her fall.  He just wanted to give her kisses, but he had to be very careful and just kiss her when she was sitting down.  Oh, he could hardly wait!

He wished Alex would open his door and let him out.  She needed to be greeted properly.   But, he couldn’t reach the door handle…and he couldn’t turn it if he did reach it!   She would be so glad to see him.  Sometimes, she would call him ‘Wild Man’ instead of Finn.  That was OK with him because he knew she loved him.

Finally, Alex opened the door.  He hurried as fast as his short little legs would go.  “Where was she?”  “Where was she?” , he thought.   And, then he saw her.  Well, he was so excited he ran to her and jumped with all his might to give her lots and lots of kisses!  “OW, Finn!”, she said, “that hurt.”  She was rubbing her arm where one of his toenails had scratched her.  OH, he felt so bad.  He felt so sad.  He forgot that she wasn’t big like Mom.  Awww, he was so sorry.  So, he just stood next to her as still as he could be.  Then she bent down to hug him.  And, THEN, he could give her kisses.  He did, and she laughed and laughed and laughed.  He liked to hear her laugh.  It really made him happy. 

Mom suggested that they go outside for a walk around the big, back yard.  That was a great idea!  There were so many things in the yard to see and chase and smell.  Oh, it was a very fine back yard!  They walked a while, and then they ran a while.  They rang the windchimes, and checked the water in the pool.  They sat in the swing and went back and forth, back and forth.  UGH!  He had to get down.  Lucy threw the ball and he chased it.  And she threw it again and he ran and ran and ran.   Right about then, Finn caught a whiff of something wonderful.  What was it?  Little Lucy Jane and Mom didn’t know…they didn’t even smell it!  But, he did.  And, it was wonderful!  And, he was going to find it…and smell it and smell it and smell it!  And, he would share it with Lucy Jane and Mom.

“There it is!  I think it’s down here!”

“Yeah!  Right down there!”

“Lucy Jane, can you smell it?  Can you?”

 “Whew!  This is hard work!  But, I’m getting close.”

“AHHHHHH!  there it is!  It makes me swoon!”

“Lay in it? Are you sure?  Well, OK, then!”

“It’s great!  Don’t you think it’s great?  I think it’s great!  Really, great! Just really great!”

“Here  stick your head in…right here!”

“Now, just roll around in it like this!”

“Told you!  Wasn’t that the best thing ever?”  I’m one happy dog!”

“What?   Dirty? Who’s dirty? Filthy?  What does that mean?   Why are you looking at me like that, Mom?”

“See?  I can wash off right here in the pool…just like Lucy Jane.  Relax, Mom…we’ll be fine.”

“Uh Oh!  Mom’s got that look in her eyes.  Think I’ll hide over here.  Oh no!  She went to get Patty!   Run, Lucy Jane!”

“Aw, man.  This is a bad,bad idea, Mom.  Why do you want to go and ruin my good day?  Hey!  Four hands is way too many!  It doesn’t take four hands to wash me! ”

“Hmmm…I’m kinda liking this smell, too!  Hey, Patty, how about a kiss?”

“Look at me, would you?  I’m clean…I smell like a coconut…and when they let me get down, I’ll shake the rest of this water off.  Why do people think you can dry a dog off with a towel?   We can do it lots better ourselves!”

“Let me down, now….please…I’ve been good!”

And, when the Big Dig and the Shower in the Sun were all finished, Finn was ready to go home with Alex and take a nap!  Which he did.  Oh, he had the best dreams of the most wonderful hole and the most wonderful smells, and the most wonderful friends.  But, NOT the most wonderful bath!

And Mom, and Patty and Lucy Jane, and Alex  talked about the day’s adventure and laughed again.  And, they all looked forward to being all together once again.

                                                                                              THE END

FYI…I do not usually wear headbands with yellow bows on them…unless Lucy Jane brings it to me and asks me to.