Adam and I are in Birmingham for another eye surgery.

We began talking on our trip up yesterday about how many years he and I have been coming to Birmingham for medical issues. He was diagnosed with cancer when he was three years old. That would be 1978. Back and forth we came for the next 12 years. But, he continues to be cancer free, and really, we do not ever think of that as a possibility anymore. God, in His grace and mercy, healed Adam. We accept it, we believe it, and we claim it!

And, now this eye business…wow! What a mess! Ian started this whole journey when he found this wonderful doctor in Birmingham, and decided to have Lasik done on his eyes. After his wonderful results, he talked to the doctor about Alex. We had no thoughts of there being anything that could be done. But, we were wrong. God used Ian to bring about help for Alex’s vision. The doctor told Alex that he had some of the worst eyes he had ever seen…vision wise. But, he set about devising a plan to give him back his eyesight. And, he did. Alex still has double vision…and nystagmus. That is not able to be corrected as those problems come from the brain…not the eyes. We are thrilled and thank God for choosing to heal this part of Alex’s vision.

And, then Adam wanted to get in on the party. He has been wearing glasses since he was 5…and his vision has continued to deteriorate through the years. He has, however, been able to wear contact or glasses ,,,then contacts AND glasses! When he saw the doctor, he told Adam that HE had the worst eyes he had ever seen! My boys…such over achievers!! 🙂

The doctor laid out his plan to help Adam, and he was anxious to get started. First, was the same surgery Alex had. All was well…for a few days. Then he had a torn retina…then a detached retina. That is extremely serious. More surgery. This was not caused by the first surgery…but just ‘happened’ to occur at the same time. So, that’s 3…then he had a cataract form that had to be removed. And, today, a vitrectomy…which is literally draining the fluid out of the eye and replacing it with another solution. This surgery was to correct the huge ‘floaters’ that were blocking his vision. One of them fell down as I think I told you…but it came back. And there was another one that he said looked like a windshield wiper! These floaters are debris left from all the other surgery. So that brings us up to 5. Now, next week he is going to have another surgery for a cataract in the other eye. His eye will be very vulnerable to another tear in the retina after that…but we are praying that that will not happen. And, then…after everything heals…Lasik. Wow! What a ride! The doctor had told him to start with that when he finished, he would have near perfect vision. However, that will not be possible now. It will still be much improved, but he will have to wear reading glasses. Hey! We’ll take that!

Here he is this morning before the surgery.

And, this is after.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5″7

The human eye is a marvelous organ. It does amazing tiny activities all the time…without us even realizing it! Do a little research on the eye and see just how many different processes there are. Only the Master Designer could have planned and executed such a marvelous organ. Good or even fair eyesight…don’t take it for granted!