Have you ever seen such an adorable face? This little baby is Jezabelle McDougald,
my great niece fur baby. She is the teeniest thing, and to hear her bark…oh, my! Too cute!

I spent the day today helping Lori with decorating her new home. Ben was away for the day and…not that he would mind or anything…it’s just easier to work when it’s just us girls doing the playing, isn’t it? Lori, Joy and myself had a full day of work to do. After we got the major moving around finished, we added some fall pieces to her house…one of which is this great fall leaf bowl. Suzanne, my daughter in love, came by and quickly fell in love with Jeza. She thought she would look cute in the bowl…and so she did!

However, she quickly decided that she did not like this place she was in and managed to hoist herself up onto the rim of the bowl. But, once there…she could not decide what to do next. It looked too far to the top of the table. “Rescue me someone!”

“Ahhh! That’s more like it! This is where I like to be most! With my mommy!”

Now, we had to do some rearranging of furniture to get things to their optimum ‘look-good’ potential. So, we moved couches, tables, and a TV…a big TV. A big TV with lots of stuff plugged into it…surround sound, WII, cable, DVR…many, many cords. Now to move the TV, we had to undo all the cords. However, and herein lies the unfortunate occurrence, we could not for the life of us remember what to do with all the cords once we got the big TV moved to another table and pushed back against the wall. Why would anyone have to have all those cords anyway? Seems to me that as smart as ‘smart people’ are these days, they could put all that stuff into the TV to start with and then you would only have to plug in ONE cord and everything would work. Now, this would not have been such a devastating thing had Lori’s new hubby Ben, not asked her specifically to tape the ALABAMA game that was on this afternoon. He was hard at work, and all he wanted to do when he came home was to watch THE game. But, alas, this is not to be. Hope he gets over it. Lori didn’t seem too worried. As I left, she was putting Jeza into the car and they were heading to Joy’s house…so SHE could watch the game! “Lori, if Ben asks, I’m telling him it was all YOUR idea!”