I am blessed beyond measure to have 2 of the dearest women on the planet as heart friends of mine. I say ‘heart friends’ because they hold my heart with their kind souls….and I hold theirs, as well.
We have had some fun adventures through the years, and it’s not gonna stop anytime soon! Each year we have a FALL FLING…and a SPRING FLING. And, this is written in stone! However the year we went to Hawaii, we had just one HULA FLING…cause we were saving our money and all. But, Flings have become a necessity in our lives, and it’s gonna happen just as surely as we’re gonna breathe…or shop.
We are leaving tomorrow for a day at the beach with Shirl, who is already there with her Mom and Sis. Then, we are headed into parts of Georgia…ending at the Cotton Pickin Fair in tiny Gay, Georgia on Sat. We will return home on Saturday night…exhausted, broke, and happy…..with just enough ‘fling’ to last us until Spring!

Just a few pics from former flings…