Some things just seem to hang around forever. In this case…I would be glad to see these go! Oh, I suppose they are not too bad…32 calories and 0 fat grams each. But,I have come to find that some people really love them. In fact, several years ago…my Mom said one day when we were in the grocery store together,”I could eat every one of those.” She was referring to a box that contained 4 colors of the strange little animal…24 total. I had no idea! I had never seen her eat one. So, we began getting her Peeps at Easter. And, did you know…they are available as ghosts and bats at Halloween. Also, as pumpkins at Thanksgiving, and bells and reindeer at Christmas. We would always surprise her with a new kind! But, lots of adults seem to like them, too! That’s a surprise to me!

There is now a Peeps Store, and by the looks of it, a Peeps car!

Some folks are even using them in their hot chocolate instead of marshmallows! YUCK!

Please, Oh, Please, do NOT let me find a PEEP inside my hollow chocolate egg!

Can you believe this? Now it is possible to get CHOCOLATE COVERED PEEPS! What a waste of good chocolate!

Maybe all you need is just the tiniest taste…here you go! Just lick your lips!

If your desire is to impress…here’s a ‘peep’ of an idea!

And, should you think that just because you need to avoid the sugar, you are bound to be ‘peep-less’, NEVER FEAR…here’s SUGAR FREE PEEPS!

This, my friends, is as close as I want to get to a PEEP!